Sunday, December 14, 2014

Color Studio Professional-New Products, Reviews & Swatches

Color Studio Professional arranged an amazing meet up for all the beauty bloggers at Cafe 44 for their new Kohl Addict blackest black pencil launch, along with some other products which were given to us for testing and reviewing.
The meet up was so well organised, the hostesses were very welcoming and gave us some great information about Color Studio brand and products.

We were given the following products to test and review:

Kohl Addict pencil eyeliner
Hypno Eyes Felt tip eyeliner
Eye Stylist brush liquid eyeliner
Obsession Voluptous Volume mascara
Hypnotic Curve and Volume mascara

Let's start with the pattern I applied my makeup in. I used different liquid eyeliners on both my upper lash lines because I wanted to try out both at the same time and see what difference of application I find. I have never used a felt tip eyeliner. I found Hypno eyes felt tip eyeliner easier to apply since I got the wing easily with it. But the downfall was that it wasn't dark enough to fill up all the space in between and left spaces ( air spaces ) if that makes sense. So I'd say if you're ready to use two eyeliners, then this felt tip could work great for the wing, but not for filling the top lash line. On the other hand when I applied the Eye stylist liquid eyeliner, it was so smooth and perfect, just that I'm bad at making wings with liquid eyeliners. Other than that I knew Eye stylist was my winner when it came to smoothness, pigmentation and ease of application. It is a thin brush so you can't go wrong with it.

Then I applied the Kohl Addict eyeliner pencil on my lower lashline. It is probably the blackest pencil I have in my collection apart from Avon shock gel eyeliner pencil and the UD pencils. This pencil is super smooth to apply, I use this for both upper and lower lash line, it is also super easy to wing out with pencils for daytime looks. Here I only applied it on my lower lashline. It glided on smoothly, it is super pigmented, applying it once is enough you can see its intensity and pigmentation in the lower lash.

Next I used two different mascaras on both my eyes. I applied Obsession Voluptous mascara on my left eye and Hypnotic curve and volume mascara on my right eyelashes. I found the Obsession Voluptous mascara quite drying, it didn't do much except lengthening my eyelashes a bit, even after three applications I couldn't see much difference or the wow effect I usually expect from mascaras. Next I applied Hypnotic on my right eyelashes, it has a curvy bulge on one side of the wand, which I found quite irritating, but when I applied the mascara I quite liked its result, it opened up my eyes immediately, gave enough volume and lengthening in one swipe. I applied it three times and my eyelashes looked better with every swipe.

Oh, and I've used Naked 1 on the eyes and Nyx milk jumbo pencil for the waterline :)

I'm really impressed by Color Studio products and the changing scene of makeup brands in Pakistan.


  1. Your Eyes are Amazing! The products works perfect for you... The liner is so smooth and perfect... Lovely!!

    Love XoxoX

  2. Pretty you MashAllah ❤ have you tried kohl addict on waterline as well?

  3. Looks like you enjoyed alot.....xoxoxo....:)

  4. The kohl looks quite pigmented. I might try it out. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Simply love the post, can you tell us how can we also participate in activities held by you. BTW you really have pretty eyes :)