Thursday, November 20, 2014

News Alert! Announces Partnership with MK, Burberry & Armani announces partnership with Michael Kors, Burberry & Armani
Fashion enthusiasts can now get their favourite luxury watches right at their doorstep

Karachi, November 20, 2014: has announced a partnership with Michael Kors, Burberry and Armani that will see the popular international luxury brands distribute in Pakistan through the online shopping website. Launching on, this will be the first time these brands will have an exclusive brand page for customers to purchase their favourite luxury watches online in Pakistan.
The addition of Burberry, Armani and Michael Kors comes as continues to build on its already extensive offering of international fashion and electronics brands alongside its eclectic assortment of local labels. Other luxury brands to come on board are Rado, Raymond Weil, DKNY, Diesel, Fossil and Marc Jacobs.’s firm foothold in Pakistan’s ecommerce sector, with over 1.7 million visitors each month, means that these brands will launch to an already greatly established customer base who are looking to make purchases online. Pakistani men and women are some of the most stylish and well-traveled people in the world and with the help of iconic luxury brands such as these, wants to cater to their needs and offer them a glamourous and sophisticated shopping experience.
“ is the leading ecommerce portal in the country and having such well-loved and aspirational luxury brands such as Michael Kors, Armani, Burberry, DKNY etc come on board is great indication of how traditional retailers can partner with ecommerce websites to introduce their brand into new developing markets and enhance consumer experience by fusing online and offline retail,” said Farees Shah, cofounder
With a keen eye on the latest fashion trends, offers a wide assortment of fashion and lifestyle brands. Each international luxury brand will have its own shop-in-shop on With’s efficient delivery, free returns and multiple payment method, customers will be able to get their desired luxury timepieces whenever, wherever.


Incorporated in 2012, is an online shopping portal featuring apparel, accessories, shoes and beauty products for both men and women, as well as a wide variety of electronics and general merchandise. currently offers hosts 1.7 million visitors on its website, every month. Headquartered in Karachi, it has delivered both internationally, as well as to over 200 cities in Pakistan. is part of the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APIG) which supports some of the leading internet companies in the region. Founded by Rocket Internet in 2014, the APIG’s mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Asia and the Pacific and to support the development of a vibrant online culture. APIG’s network currently consists of 10 companies, which are operating in 15 countries.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

L'oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream- Review

Finally writing my review on this lovely product which promises solutions to 10 skin problems. I was sent a sample of the L'oreal White Perfect day cream for review purposes. I have been using this for over two months now and I think this is the perfect time to write my review on this.

I can't believe my face was on the official L'oreal Pakistan page along with my other beautiful bloggers. We were asked to talk about our skin problems and solutions.

Look at all the pretty bloggers. Picture taken from the Official L'oreal Pakistan facebook page.

 Honestly, L'oreal face products have never suited my skin since I have super sensitive dry skin and most of their products are scented. This face cream however gave me no such issues.
It is extremely mild on the face, doesn't feel like you are wearing anything at all. Most of the other brands I've used, their face creams feel heavy on the skin, especially the weather we have to deal with everyday, I can't risk anything heavy on the face, it only means more sweating followed by pimples.
This products has spf 30, which makes it better than so many other face creams. I don't have to worry about putting a separate sunscreen and then a face moisturizer now. It hasn't broken me out, I have been using this since two months now. It doesn't give my skin that instant glow though, but it has done a lot for me in the long run. I have seen my skin getting better, my dark spots are almost gone except the ones I pick now and then.
My main problem has always been brown discoloration, especially when it comes to premature aging, I don't like to take any risk with the amount of spf I put on my face. Who wants wrinkles in early 20's? Please girls never step out of the house without wearing sunscreen.

It is mildly scented, and has thin lotion consistency. but it isn't runny. The packaging is very secure and is very easy to carry around. The cream looks white in the picture, but it is actually a very light lilac shade.

According to L'oreal this product protects skin against 10 problems, lets see which one of these has it saved me from.
1- Instant glow: I would say no, it doesn't give me an instant glow, but it does make my skin look even. There are times when I can rush out of the house without my holy grail bodyshop all in face base on and only wear this.
2-Fairer skin: Definitely a yes. I have seen my skin improve over the last couple of months. It has helped me get rid of the tan.
3-Even tone: Yes. I don't see alot of dark spots on my face anymore. It looks bright and fresh even without makeup on.
4-Anti-dark spots: Need I say more? this is an obvious Yes.
5-Anti-shine effect: Yes. This cream doesn't dry me out neither does it make me sweaty or shiny throughout the day. It has the perfect lotion consistency, without being too runny or thick.
6-Anti-pollution: It clearly keeps my skin protected. My university is open and there is sun and pollution everywhere around that area. This has helped me through so much.
7-Anti-UVA: dull skin, premature aging and dark spots are mostly caused by UVA rays. It saves me from this.
8-Anti-UVB: Yes, my skin hasn't tanned since I've started using this.
9-Anti-oxidation: definitely a protectant against both extrinsic and intrinsic oxidation processes.
10-Anti-oilness effect: Again, this cream isn't oily at all. It dries and absorbs very easily and keeps my skin matte.

Protects against important things.
Not very heavy on the pocket
Consistency is good for both dry and oily skin types
Doesn't leave smear or powdery finish after applying.
Can be used both as a sunscreen and moisturizer for oily skin.
it has SPF 30.

It is mildly scented.
Sensitive skin may get irritated
May not be enough as a moisturizer for dry skin types.
Some people may prefer thicker face creams during winters.

Price: Rs.1000/-

Hope you liked the post! xx

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014

Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 is just around the corner and will be celebrated in full swing from 25th-27th November, 2014. All my favorite fashion designers will be showcasing their Autumn/Winter 2014 collections. I'm really looking forward to what they have in closet for us this year. Amazing designers showcasing their collections in this event are; Deepak Perwani, Sana Safinaz, Maheen Karim, Maheen Khan, Fnkasia , Nauman Arfeen , Ishtiaq Afzal Khan , Zaheer Abbas, Deepak and Fahad, Emraan Rajput, Gul Ahmed, Levis, Shehla Chatoor, Sanam Chaudri, Nida Azwer and Bano.

Official makeup stylists for all three days are NABILA (N-Pro) and N Gents.

This show will be directed by Hasan Sheryar Yasin and the backstage will be managed by production 021.
The official event and media partner for FPW Autumn/Winter 2014 is Hum Tv.

There is also a Millenial Fashion show for the new designers which will be held on the 22nd November. It will a chance for all the new fashion designers to showcase their work. The designers who will be debuting and showcasing their collections are Sameer Sain, Nitasha Yaqub, Abel Emmanuel, Madiha Raza and Aalish.
Also along with the designers new talents in the fields of modelling, styling and choreography will be launched in this event.
Good news is that the winner designer out of the five mentioned above will be given a chance to take part in FPW Spring/Summer 2015 event with all the big names in our fashion industry.

I will be giving my separate analysis on every fashion designers collection from the Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014. Stay tuned for all the details from all three days, new collections, rising trends and colors this season! xx

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Favorites! xx

Hi sweeties, since I won't be able to blog much this month because of my really hectic exam schedule, all I will be posting are favorites and haul posts, inshAllah. Let's just hope I'm able to do this, it was only a heads up, because I usually feel like the only blogger who doesn't blog much. Trust me it's my favorite thing to do! Writing posts is my only sweet time, when I feel like I'm talking to myself and things just flow. I feel so loved by PBBC especially because I almost completed a year and I don't even feel it! It's like I just started yesterday. Wow, time really flies!
Okay, so let's just get back to what this post was about :)
Here are my favorites from last month, hope you guys enjoy the pictures. I won't be writing little reviews on each like I usually do, because I have plans on writing proper reviews on each one of these favorite babies of mine.

The Balm "How 'Bout Them Apples?" palette. By far, my best purchase of this year. I love it that much! Especially the shade Crisp is my favorite, I've been wearing this almost everyday ever since I got it! Full review will be posted soon :)

Maybelline Fit me Foundation 105 and Concealer 15. My favorite foundation/concealer combo at the moment. I don't know why I never tried these before. They are just amazing. My makeup is not complete especially without the fit me concealer.

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Mango. This lip balm is my SAVIOR! I have serious lip problems especially when the weather is changing and playing with our little hearts. And when nobody is there for me I always go to him (Kiehl's lip balm) for protection and love. I know he will always be there for me, no matter what :')
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Lolita. Honestly when I bought this, I didn't know if it was authentic, I got it from a small shop, only because, well I'm the new lip balm hoarder. It looks so pretty on the lips ( pretty pink and all, you know) and yes, it does protect but not as much as what Kiehl's baby does for me.

The BodyShop eyebrow kit in 03. I got this by mistake in Uppsala, Sweden. I was in a hurry and my Bodyshop all in one base had finished so, I just went upto this mall close to my place and got this, thinking it was the All in one face base. Yes, I'm that stupid enough to not notice the size. The girl at the outlet also asked me if I have used this before and wanted to try, I said no, this is my shade thanks and just walked out. Impatience is bad. But in this case, I found something I can't live without anymore. It's the perfect shade for my brows, makes them look lush and thick. I've always used eyebrow pencils, this was my first time with a powder, and oh my my, how amazing and easy to use is this thing!

Benefit They're Real mascara. The only expensive mascara I love! Trust me I've tried so many from Dior to Lancome but have never found them to be better than drugstore ones. My favorite will always be Loreal Voluminous Ultra black/ Million lashes mascara. This Benefit mascara however does the job, it makes my lashes longer, thicker and I can apply it multiple times to get the result I want, it doesn't dry or smudge one bit.

Hope you guys liked this post! xx