Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essei Spa Day! xx

The worst part about travelling is that it makes me forget about my blog, which by the way is very dear to me, but I have just not been able to blog lately.
I was invited along with my fellow bloggers by Lane 12's Nisha Masroor to attend the Essei Spa Day Event at the Mint Beauty Solutions Salon. Nisha was extremely sweet and I had a good dose of laughter and great conversation with her at the salon. When I entered Mint Beauty Solutions, it was love at first sight. The cleanliness is the first thing I notice when I enter into any salon, and the politeness of the staff. I was asked to go upstairs where other bloggers were already being pampered by their lovely Essei manicures and pedicures.

How cute are those cushions? ;)

They made sure I was comfortable and asked for chai/coffee etc. The girl asked me to select my Essie nail shades and helped me select two colors to go with my outfit. I'm really disappointed in myself for not remembering the names of the shades she applied to my hands and feet.

There were not only Essei nail polishes but also Essei scrubs, lotions and masks for the manicure and pedicure. The staff made sure that I was fully relaxed, the lovely owner of the Salon was also there to attend to our needs. The whole salon was decorated nicely and looked so pretty and chic.
They have fixed hand sanitizers everywhere in the salon, something that is not very common here in Karachi salons.

They were using disposable manicure and pedicure instruments which showed how careful they are about the hygiene. I have never seen any beauty salon using disposable buffers. The Essei products included their scrub, lotion, mask, cuticle oil, base top coat and the nail colors.
During the entire manicure and pedicure session the two girls made sure I was relaxed and comfortable at all time. My hands and feet were massaged so well, all I wanted was to sleep right there and then.

Amazing mani/pedi disposable gift by Mint Beauty Solutions

I know exactly where to go now for my mani/pedi and not worry about the hygeine.
I'm fully satisfied and happy with Mint Beauty Solutions Essei Mani/ Pedi. I will be going there soon for my Eid manicure and pedicure and highly recommend you all to do the same! :)
I would love to hear about your experience at this salon! xx

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