Monday, September 1, 2014

Are You Suffering From Sun Related Skin Problems?

Are you suffering from sun related skin problems? I am!
I was on holidays last month and was out roaming around in the sun everyday. Its really difficult because you apply sunscreen once in the morning and continue with your makeup routine. But does the sunscreen help with everything or is there anything else that we need? I know we need constant protection from UVA and UVB rays. My main problem right now is UVA rays, because I've started to notice premature aging, sun spots and uneven skin tone and according to my research they're basically because of  the UVA rays since they penetrate glass and shields. Ever since I'm back from holidays my color has become darker plus there are sun spots and I have also noticed very light wrinkles under my eyes, they become obvious especially when I put under eye concealer. On the other hand UVB is only related to the dullness of the exposed skin since it does not penetrate and cause long term problems like UVA.
Here is an image to show how it works by penetrating into the skin.

So now you guys know what my problem is? I'm not just looking for something that works for my skin on the outside but something that also works deeper into the skin. I will turn 22 this year and now I feel I should start taking care of my skin more, it just doesn't need a regular sunscreen protection but something that also works to heal the burns and work on my uneven skin tone and protects my skin from pollution and dirt.

I would really like to know your skin problems and how you deal with the sun exposure and this terrible weather?
Looking forward to your replies! xx

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