Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essei Spa Day! xx

The worst part about travelling is that it makes me forget about my blog, which by the way is very dear to me, but I have just not been able to blog lately.
I was invited along with my fellow bloggers by Lane 12's Nisha Masroor to attend the Essei Spa Day Event at the Mint Beauty Solutions Salon. Nisha was extremely sweet and I had a good dose of laughter and great conversation with her at the salon. When I entered Mint Beauty Solutions, it was love at first sight. The cleanliness is the first thing I notice when I enter into any salon, and the politeness of the staff. I was asked to go upstairs where other bloggers were already being pampered by their lovely Essei manicures and pedicures.

How cute are those cushions? ;)

They made sure I was comfortable and asked for chai/coffee etc. The girl asked me to select my Essie nail shades and helped me select two colors to go with my outfit. I'm really disappointed in myself for not remembering the names of the shades she applied to my hands and feet.

There were not only Essei nail polishes but also Essei scrubs, lotions and masks for the manicure and pedicure. The staff made sure that I was fully relaxed, the lovely owner of the Salon was also there to attend to our needs. The whole salon was decorated nicely and looked so pretty and chic.
They have fixed hand sanitizers everywhere in the salon, something that is not very common here in Karachi salons.

They were using disposable manicure and pedicure instruments which showed how careful they are about the hygiene. I have never seen any beauty salon using disposable buffers. The Essei products included their scrub, lotion, mask, cuticle oil, base top coat and the nail colors.
During the entire manicure and pedicure session the two girls made sure I was relaxed and comfortable at all time. My hands and feet were massaged so well, all I wanted was to sleep right there and then.

Amazing mani/pedi disposable gift by Mint Beauty Solutions

I know exactly where to go now for my mani/pedi and not worry about the hygeine.
I'm fully satisfied and happy with Mint Beauty Solutions Essei Mani/ Pedi. I will be going there soon for my Eid manicure and pedicure and highly recommend you all to do the same! :)
I would love to hear about your experience at this salon! xx

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot-Less Lightening Cream- Review

Pond's Pakistan relaunched the Pond's White Beauty last week. I was sent a sample for a 7 day Pond's white beauty challenge and later last week we had it's relaunch event which took place at Dolmen City Mall, Karachi. I loved everything about the event and how well organized it was. At the end of the event we were given gifts from Pond's. The famous Tony&Guy expert, Saeeda Mandviwala was there to introduce us to the new Pond's White Beauty and did an amazing job.

I have always loved Pond's products, whether it is their White beauty range or the flawless white range, I've tried and tested them all and loved them. Before taking up this challenge I was already using a Pond's product. Whenever I feel my skin has stopped reacting to products, I always go back to Pond's because it is something that has always worked for me.

I was on holidays last month and was continuously out in the sun, although I'd wear my sunscreen still my skin had become really dull and I could see sun spots here and there on my face. My biggest fear right now is developing wrinkles at an early age, its really frightening because I love makeup and need constant good skin regimen to follow.

I started the Pond's White Beauty challenge last week when I received the parcel. The first time I applied the cream, I thought it was the perfect formula because it is oil free and I needed something matte for this time of the year. It is super hot and having to apply a cream which will make you sweat more is a big no right now. I have super dry skin, still I prefer my daily cream to be oil free. I like a good moisturizing cream only when I have to apply makeup next. But with Pond's white beauty, I don't need to apply makeup afterwards, because it gives an instant glow and brightening effect to my skin.

The consistency of the cream is moisturizing when you apply it, but when you massage it into your skin you'd feel that it had dried and absorbed into your skin already. I had acne scar marks under my chin area, they had turned black during the holidays because of constant exposure to the sun. I wanted to do this Pond's challenge especially for those marks.

What Pond's White Beauty promises;
-protection from UVA and UVB
-solution to uneven skin tone
-solution for acne scars
-glowy skin

So this is my experience of the 7 day Pond's White beauty challenge:
Day 1: Applied this cream before going to college, it kept me sweat free and happy the whole time. After I came back home I washed my face and applied Pond's White beauty again. It was drying and I liked it since its really hot, I didn't see any other difference on my face except that it brightens up the complexion for the day.
Day 2: I applied it again and this time I followed it with my everyday face powder. I thought it would be too drying if I applied powder on top of an oil free cream, but this was not the case. It worked great and the powder got applied flawlessly. Again after college, I applied it after washing my face. I could feel my skin getting smoother this time.
Day 3: Continued it the same way. I started noticing a change in my acne scar marks on my chin and this sun spot on my cheek. I went without powder this time!
Day 4: My skins texture improved and the discoloration on the chin area had reduced.
Day 5: My skin started feeling better, I stopped noticing that anything was ever wrong with my chin. The dark sunspot on my cheek had almost gone.
Day 6: Gave me overall smooth texture and I can go out without putting on any makeup now.
Day 7: The dullness is all gone, my skin is back to how it was, thanks to Pond's. I got rid of my tan and sun spots. My skin feels much better. I will be continuing with this cream to see more results.

You will love it if you:
-have combination/oily skin ( I have dry skin, it still works for me )
-want an instant brightening effect
-want a cream to protect you from UVA and UVB
-want discoloration to go away
-velvety texture
-want an affordable face cream , it costs rs.220/- only

You will not like it if:
-you want something with high spf. It has only spf 15.
-you have super dry skin and like your skin to stay moisturized all the time
-it is drying
-allergic to scents

You can not only apply this to your face but also anywhere on your body where you think your skin is dull or there is discoloration.
Looking forward to your comments and reviews about this product. I'd love to know how you find it if you've already tried it and if you still haven't you should really give this product a try. Its really worth it! xx

Monday, September 1, 2014

Are You Suffering From Sun Related Skin Problems?

Are you suffering from sun related skin problems? I am!
I was on holidays last month and was out roaming around in the sun everyday. Its really difficult because you apply sunscreen once in the morning and continue with your makeup routine. But does the sunscreen help with everything or is there anything else that we need? I know we need constant protection from UVA and UVB rays. My main problem right now is UVA rays, because I've started to notice premature aging, sun spots and uneven skin tone and according to my research they're basically because of  the UVA rays since they penetrate glass and shields. Ever since I'm back from holidays my color has become darker plus there are sun spots and I have also noticed very light wrinkles under my eyes, they become obvious especially when I put under eye concealer. On the other hand UVB is only related to the dullness of the exposed skin since it does not penetrate and cause long term problems like UVA.
Here is an image to show how it works by penetrating into the skin.

So now you guys know what my problem is? I'm not just looking for something that works for my skin on the outside but something that also works deeper into the skin. I will turn 22 this year and now I feel I should start taking care of my skin more, it just doesn't need a regular sunscreen protection but something that also works to heal the burns and work on my uneven skin tone and protects my skin from pollution and dirt.

I would really like to know your skin problems and how you deal with the sun exposure and this terrible weather?
Looking forward to your replies! xx