Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Battle of the Face masks?

I'm finally back to my blog after my exams. I haven't been doing Monthly Favorites posts lately, will start them all over again. Now I have all the time in the world. Here is a review on the face masks I've tried over the last three months. I have four face masks for you guys. Every face mask has its own pros and cons, I wont be deciding on which one is the best and which one you shouldn't give a try because trust me it all depends on your skin type. I will also be writing down which ones are great for what skin type and why.

The four face masks I've used and abused are the following:
Orglow face mask
Indian Healing Clay Mask
Freemans Dead Sea Minerals Anti Stress Facial mask
Freemans Chocolate and Strawberry Face mask

Lets start with the Orglow face mask: Important to note that I have dry sensitive skin, this face mask requires to be added in yogurt and then applied on the face. See, I don't like face masks that require extra effort so this was something I had big hopes from since I was going out of my way to do something extra like going to the kitchen and adding khaalis dahi. This face mask promises to brightens the face instantly, in my case it did nothing close to brightening anything, it did however was successful in minimizing the appearance of my pores and making my skin look clean. It has all the natural ingredients added, like multani mitti, kalonji seeds etc. All these things are pretty visible and the mask is grainy. The smell of yogurt on the face is unbearable though. I've seen the oily skin girls complain about this mask that it gave them tiny bumps and acne. If you have dry skin like mine, you can use this easily by adding yogurt and two three drops of glycerin. But, if you have oily skin, I would say skip it, but if you still want to give it a try apply it with rose water maybe. Some people are allergic to organic ingredients so make sure what products break you out beforehand. You can find this online on the Serena Cosmetics facebook page for rs.1000/-

Indian Healing Clay Mask: One of the best things I've tried in a long time. Plus, its a bonus with girls with oily skin because its a tightening and drying face mask. I apply this by mixing it with apple cider vinegar, works wonders. I can actually feel my face pumping and the blood flowing through it after its application. The face gets a little red after washing but don't worry just apply your moisturizer and you will feel so relaxed after this I can guarantee you. Although my skin is dry this baby worked great on me, I didn't suffer from any reactions. I noticed my scars have reduced and it helped drying out the pimples in one application. I try to use this twice a week or whenever I feel I'm having a bad skin day.This clay is actually Calcium Bentonite which is a great anti oxidant, also used to drink. Although this stuff says 100% calcium bentonite I wouldn't risk drinking it with water. So when calcium bentonite contacts with a liquid water or apple cider vinegar, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. It is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and impurities. I got this ordered from amazon through the my favorite facebook page Rouge for rs.1350/-

Freeman's Dead Sea Minerals Face mask: I got this as my swap gift. I wanted to try this mask for a very long time and finally got this as a present. Its an amazing anti stress face mask. Not to forget the beautiful cookie monster face I get after I apply this is priceless. It's really relaxing, cleans my pores and makes my skin ready for a good night sleep. I apply my regular moisturizer after this before going to bed and apply this mask twice a week depending on whenever I find it near me in my bedroom. My mom loved this so much that she stole this from me the moment I applied it on her once. Best part is that it is very easy to use, just squeeze a little out of the tube and apply it onto your face. It gets dried up really quick and you can wash it off easily. It isn't drying at all, and can be used by both people with dry and oily skin. I have sensitive dry skin and it did nothing bad to my skin so I'm sure sensitive skin people can use this too. Its very affordable at a price of around rs.350/-

Freeman's Chocolate and Strawberry Face mask: If you want something yummy on your face, you cant get anything better than this at such an affordable price. It actually smells like chocolate and strawberry, you might just want to lick it while applying, maybe? I haven't tried licking it, and won't recommend, lol. It is another favorite from the Freeman's face masks line, I got this because someone mentioned it tastes like chocolates and I couldn't resist. it's a nice average face mask, cleans the face and makes it really soft and supple. I didn't see alot of difference after its application though, but it the job it was required to do, but nothing amazing about this product. This face mask will suit all skin types and what more do you want then to have a face mask smell like chocolates. Its price is around rs.350/-

How I use Face masks and when?
The right way to use face masks is after cleansing and scrubbing your face. Why after using the scrub? Because that's when your pores are open. I always scrub then apply any of these face masks, so I know my pores are all clean, then I use a whitening massage cream by hollywood style, which i will be talking about more in my upcoming skin care routine post. Then I use a toner and aloe vera gel , followed by my moisturiser.
I will be doing an upgraded skin care routine next. My skin has improved a lot ever since I've stopped waxing my face and switched to bleaching.

Hope this post on these face masks was helpful for you. I look forward to your comments! xx


  1. Great post indeed Laila. I really wanna try that Indian Clay Mask now. Wish it was easily available....

  2. ive heard about the aztec indian clay mask alooot of youtube. ive only tried the dead sea mask from this lot, and i lurrrve ittt!

  3. Nice post,dear!
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