Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shoes and Iphone Cases - Haul Post

I have been crazy busy these days, have exams next month. I haven't been using my blog lately, its so frustrating not being able to write posts on time. I have so many posts to complete and all I feel like doing is sitting back relaxing in my free time.
This morning I woke at 5am and decided life should be more fun if I utilize my time doing things I love, apart from studying, nobody likes that crap.
Here is a small shoe haul and a couple of iphone 5 cases I got for myself lately.
Hope you enjoy this, here are all the pictures for you guys.

These are the chappals I got from Stiletto. Aren't they pretty? Gucci, Burberry and Hermes.
I love the Hermes one, its so in these days, love these purchases. Each was for rs.1195. A much needed treat to myself.

Now the iphone 5 cases I got.

This beautiful Chanel perfume case was for rs.4000. I know I spent a lot on this. After I ordered it from the Luxury Closet, I saw the same thing being sold at almost half the price. Is there a way to be sweet and say it was a rip off? I mean, I love this. I wanted it really badly so i ordered it from the first place I saw it on. But still, I feel its just too much of a price to pay for this.

Only because I don't want to use the Chanel case everyday which I will anyway. I got this baby for only rs.400 from a mobile shop at Dolmen mall, Tariq road. It's a really stylish Gucci phone case, I'm really impressed with the quality and the money I paid for this. It was so cheap, beautiful and white, how was I supposed to resist?

These are all my latest shoe and phone cases purchases. Hope you guys liked it! xx

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Met Gala 2014 Favorite Dresses!

Here are some my of favorite celebrity dresses from the Met Gala 2014
Time to find out who wore it best according to me:)

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were definitely the best dressed couple at the red carpet. Both were dressed in Gucci. Oh, and they also shared a lot of PDA moments on the red carpet;)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! Yes, how can I ever forget my Kim baby? This power couple finally proved how they deserved to be on the Vogue cover in March.I mean come on, just look at them babies!;) As much as I love Kim's makeup, I have started falling for her dressing sense lately. She has definitely improved and matured which is great. Both of them wore Lanvin. Thumbs up!

Anne Hathaway wore it simple and elegant and I love it! She was seen in a top and skirt from the Calvin Klein Collection.

Kendell Jenner is definitely following her big sister's foot steps. Her whole look, starting from her back blow dried hair to her Topshop dress was just amazing. Yes, you read it right, Topshop dress, it wasn't even from a proper designer. Only a model can make a Topshop dress look like a million dollar dress.

Leighton Meester was also one of my favs from the Met Gala. She wore a fully embellished beautiful Emilio Puccio dress. She looked stunning! She reminded me of Angelina Jolie from this years Oscars.

Can we talk more models please? How can someone wear pants to Met Gala and look smoking hot? Yes, Cara Delevingne can do both! She wore Stella McCartney by the way.

Oh, I just have so much love for Emma Stone! She looked modern and sassy at the same time. This lady is definitely doing it right with fashion these days! Lavendar and fuchsia on the red carpet, omg omg, rocking this Thakoon outfit.

These were my favorites from the Met Gala:* Let me know yours in the comments below! xx

My PBBC Swap Goodies!

This was my first time and I'm so happy I took part in the PBBC swapping.
My swap partner sent me the goodies which were on my wishlist. She also sent me a really beautiful letter, I'm so happy she reads my blog. 
Here are the pictures.

Can you read the lovely letter my swap partner sent me:) I felt so good after reading it and I've kept it safe by the way, the same way I used to keep my birthday cards when I was little^

Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals. As you can see I've already used this baby so much. Its such an easy to use face mask and gives the best results.

I've never used Maybelline mascaras, and have always been a die hard Loreal mascara fan. I wanted to give this a try, so I wrote this Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara in my wishlist. And guess what? It's actually amazing! Gives the best volume and thickness to my lashes.

Medora lipstick in Hint of Pink: my swap partner uses this lipstick everyday and wanted me to try it out. It's a lovely everyday brown-red shade. Love it! Thank you:*
Revlon Lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake: I love collecting revlon lip butters, they are so smooth and pigmented. I love the texture and they are pretty much my favorite drugstore lippies.

Swatches for both the lip products:

Essence long lasting eye pencil: My swap partner uses this everyday too and sent me as a token of appreciation. I've used this two or three times now and I think I've found my new eye pencil love after rimmel, ud and kat von d.

These are all the products I received from my partner. I really want to know who my swap partner is! it feels so good to receive and send wishlist products out to people, I think I'm going to take part in this every year now! xx