Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dove's "Patches" Campaign-Beauty Is A State Of Mind

Let's talk about a video which went viral after its release, it's the new Dove Patches Campaign video, which proves how beauty is what you feel inside. Beauty is a state of mind, and it's all in the head, my sweet hearts.
I don't know how many of you have seen their videos, but Dove videos and their campaigns give a whole new and different aspect of beauty, which I love. They talk about the normal everyday women, no celebrities and beauty queens. Their ads and campaigns all convey a message about how beauty is simplicity and what we feel inside is how it reflects outside on our personalities. This video does just the same.

I have always been a fan of Dove Campaigns and how they are for Real Beauty and are promoted on the television in the same way.
Recently their new Campaign launched, which is called the "Patches" - it promotes inner beauty in a very sensitive and touching manner. It includes real women, with all their flaws and insecurities, taking part in an experiment where a Beauty Patch is applied on their arms to help improve how they perceive their own beauty. This research was conducted by Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke who is a Psychologist and Body image expert. It was shown how these women became confident and realized their inner strengths during the time the beauty patch was attached to them. Their journey through this video has been captured in a really beautiful manner. This beauty patch helped them deal with their insecurities in a way they did not expect. They started feeling stronger emotionally day by day, became more confident in their everyday lives. Some also started feeling confident in their own skin without any makeup products on. In the end when they return back to Dr. Ann after two weeks to express their feelings about the beauty patch which has altered their lives, they were shocked to see how there were no ingredients in the patch and it was all psychological. How they became more confident about their beauty- inside and out. How a lot of them managed to get out of their houses without feeling bad about themselves and it improved their self esteem. Their anxiety was reduced and insecurities were all gone. These women looked way prettier than they looked at the start of the video.

Here is the video for your convenience :

Dove Campaigns have always been talked about, whether its about all the praise they receive or about how they make us see beauty within ourselves. I believe Dove is one brand that talks beauty in a very simple yet bold manner. It screams beauty to the level where you want to understand that the best part of beauty is something which no picture can express. A woman can feel and be what she wants if only she truly believes in herself. True beauty starts from within.

Dove Patches Launch Event took place simultaneously in 66 countries including Pakistan, where the event was organised at Verde- Exclusive Bistro Cafe, Karachi. A lot of famous beauty bloggers and personalities were invited to attend the event.

You can find the event pictures here.

The Digital PR event was organised by Creative Chaos DAAS Pvt Ltd.

"We see the beauty within and cannot say no. "
Dave Eggers, A Heart Breaking Work of Straggering Genius.

About Dove:
Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever. Their products are sold in more than 80 countries and they cater to both women and men. 

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  1. Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever and i must say this is the best brand and i am the regular user of this brand thanks