Monday, March 17, 2014

New Perfumes To My Collection

My dad gets me all these perfumes whenever he goes somewhere abroad, so I had these perfumes packed and I never opened them last year because well, I'm so addicted to Victoria secrets body mists that I almost forgot about these and that you also need good perfumes for special occasions, I just find the mists so easy.

Since I was running out of my body mists stock I decided I should open my packed perfumes. My room isn't ready yet so I have to keep my perfumes inside my glass cupboard. I will be arranging my proper dressing table soon and will post all the pictures:) here are the four perfumes I opened and took their pictures.

New perfumes:)

Calvin Klein One Shock Street Edition perfume

Calvin Klein One Shock Street Edition Perfume.
this one is sweet, warm spicy, fruity and has a caramel touch to it. top notes are definitely citruses, then the fruity and sweetness incorporates dark chocolate and caramel? it is also warmed ith aromas of sandalwood, amber and musk.

Glow fragrance by Jennifer Lopez

Glow fragrance by Jennifer Lopez
Isn't this bottle beautiful?I love the JLo locket on its curves.
it is a very soft and sexy scent, with clean freshness of citrus fruits and florals. it has vanilla and musk notes to it.

Ralph Lauren Perfume Pink #2 from their Big Pony Collection

Ralph Lauren Perfume Pink #2 from their Big Pony Collection
it is a fruity scent with cranberry, it is very light and fresh, amazing for the coming summer months.

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Perfume

Bvlgari Rose Essentialle
This one has a very floral scent, yes rose that is, but it also has Jasmine and blackberry notes. Very feminine and delicate scent. Love it!

I'm going to love using these scents this summer. What scents are you wearing this summer? My everyday wear will definitely be my VS body mists, Ck one shock and ralph lauren:)


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  2. Absolutely in love with the packaging of One Shock! P.S. I can help you out with your blog layout(only if you want).

    1. Aww, thank you! really sweet of you!
      I will get back to you soon for that!

  3. i love collecting perfumes! i have yet to get into the world of celebrity fragrances, theyre much more pocket friendly and you can collect alot more haha. really intrigued by the j low one!

  4. CK shock has such cute look.i love J Lo glow.Your dad is sooo sweet masha Allah.Waiting for your dressing table photos :)