Monday, March 3, 2014

February favorites!

So here are my February favorites! I did not do a January favorites post last month because well, I'm a lazy lazy person, but I just didn't want to miss it this time. Please enjoy the products, their tiny little reviews and pictures.

Mac Face and Body foundation: My favorite mac foundation and trust me I have tried quite a few. This one is water based and thin consistency so you will have to shake the bottle well before squeezing it out to apply. It gives me an amazing flawless finish. It is not a full coverage foundation but covers up everything that it needs to. I usually use my concealer first on my scars and under eye, then apply this with my sigma f80 brush.
I'm in the shade N2.

Sigma F80: My favorite foundation brush so far! Enough said.

Body Shop Radiant Highlighter: I have used this so much the entire last month that now I will have to purchase some amazing liquid highlighters, I have the Nars Orgasm liquid highlighter, which I do not love as much as the Body Shop one. I think I will purchase Nars Copacabana Liquid highlighter because its high end and has similar pinky frosty glow as the Body shop one? Wondering why I'm deciding on the high end one when I'm getting the same thing with the Body shop? I love spending and I'm guilty...I should stop now..
Also I really want to try the Becca shimmering perfector liquid highlighter in Moonstone!

Victoria Secrets Mineral blush in Scarlett and MUA Mosaic blusher is English Rose: These two give me an amazing pinky glowing skin. I got the VS blush from the Beauty Unleashed two years back, it had come out with a set I think and she was selling things from the set individually, I guess. And well, the MUA English Rose, is something I got after reading its amazing reviews about how amazing it is as a blusher and a highlighter together.

Victoria Secrets Body butter in Love Spell: I love using this! it has a thick consistency, it is better for super dry areas of the body. Love the smell, this is by far my favorite VS scent. just love!

Victoria Secrets Body Mist in Leave me Breathless: this scent is so refreshing! I love using this so much, its simple and appropriate for everyday wear. I just love spraying it all over my body after the Love spell body butter.

Random food favorites anyone?
I have two :)
Nature Valley Bars in Oats and Dark Chocolate: my favorite snack to have with coffee, green tea or just milk! tastes heaven, especially when dipped in a hot beverage, the dark chocolate melts and its yummy!! Cant explain my eating ritual better than this, can I now?

Alpen Fruit and Nut with Milk Chocolate: this box comes with only five of these bars and I usually finish them in 2-3 days. Yeah, and then never have them the entire month, because you're guilty that it has milk chocolate? My favorite breakfast!

Hope you girls enjoyed this post! xx


  1. Nice picks dear......xoxoxoxo.....:)

  2. I love granola bars. and Oats n' Dark Chocolate is my favorite flavor too =D

  3. i love using this TBS radiant highlighter too :)

  4. The MUA Mosaic Blusher looks so tempting! Add another item to the already growing wishlist :(

  5. i love natures valley's oats n almonds

  6. I love the idea of oatmeal bars.Such a healthy snack.Will stock up on these now.Great post.I love sigma and VS too ^_^

  7. Sigma F80 is my favorite too, Nice post :) xo

  8. F80 has literally changed my life

  9. Love spell is my favorite scent by VS too! I love how my shower smells after I use it. You've got a great blog btw!