Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Skin Care Haul!

I'm so excited to share my Skin care haul with you guys today! I just went out with my mom today to Jumbo Store and got all this stuff!
I seriously needed a new skin care routine, I was so tired of using the same face washes and scrubs. Really badly needed to go get my hands on these things.
Here is what I got:)

Ponds White Beauty All in one BB+ Fairness Cream
Heard so much about this product, thought I should give it a try

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser
Really needed something to start with for my terrible pores and whiteheads,
and it was pretty affordable for Rs.620/
Misline Acne Clear Facial Foam
It was cheap and it said Acne, so I thought why not give it a try?
Lets see how it works for my dry acne prone skin
Got it for rs.160/

Clean&Clear Daily Scrub with Aloe vera and exfoliating beads,
Needed a break from my usual St.Ives Blemish scrub and wanted to try something new.

Pond's flawless white lightening day cream
I use Physiogel as my normal everyday moisturizer, I just feel I wanted to try something new, I was so tired of using the same one for over an year now.

This is all what I got. I'm really excited to try all these products, will sit and figure out the Neutrogena Cleanser now. Thanks.
Hope you enjoyed this! xx

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Perfumes To My Collection

My dad gets me all these perfumes whenever he goes somewhere abroad, so I had these perfumes packed and I never opened them last year because well, I'm so addicted to Victoria secrets body mists that I almost forgot about these and that you also need good perfumes for special occasions, I just find the mists so easy.

Since I was running out of my body mists stock I decided I should open my packed perfumes. My room isn't ready yet so I have to keep my perfumes inside my glass cupboard. I will be arranging my proper dressing table soon and will post all the pictures:) here are the four perfumes I opened and took their pictures.

New perfumes:)

Calvin Klein One Shock Street Edition perfume

Calvin Klein One Shock Street Edition Perfume.
this one is sweet, warm spicy, fruity and has a caramel touch to it. top notes are definitely citruses, then the fruity and sweetness incorporates dark chocolate and caramel? it is also warmed ith aromas of sandalwood, amber and musk.

Glow fragrance by Jennifer Lopez

Glow fragrance by Jennifer Lopez
Isn't this bottle beautiful?I love the JLo locket on its curves.
it is a very soft and sexy scent, with clean freshness of citrus fruits and florals. it has vanilla and musk notes to it.

Ralph Lauren Perfume Pink #2 from their Big Pony Collection

Ralph Lauren Perfume Pink #2 from their Big Pony Collection
it is a fruity scent with cranberry, it is very light and fresh, amazing for the coming summer months.

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Perfume

Bvlgari Rose Essentialle
This one has a very floral scent, yes rose that is, but it also has Jasmine and blackberry notes. Very feminine and delicate scent. Love it!

I'm going to love using these scents this summer. What scents are you wearing this summer? My everyday wear will definitely be my VS body mists, Ck one shock and ralph lauren:)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Benefit High Beam- Review, Swatches & Comparison

I'm always searching for amazing higlighters to go with my skin tone, right now I'm so in love with pink liquid highlighters to mix with my foundation. I got Benefit high beam in my Benefit Primed for Lovin' set. It had full size Benefit porefessional, high beam, they're real mascara and a sample size of sugarbomb lipgloss.
I'm seriously in love with liquid highlighters lately, its so much convenient to just mix them with the liquid foundation and get the glow you want in an instant. Although I do love using my powder highlighters on top always for obviously, more glow?

So, I've been eyeing this highlighter for over an year now, but was always very afraid to try this out since it comes in a bottle and at the back of my mind I sort of had an impression that it might be a lot thicker and harder to blend and what if it gives me a frosty highlight, which just looks awful on my skin tone. I always considered this as something only pale skin people can use. But after falling in love with my Body shop radiant highlighter, which by the way is also a light pink liquid highlighter, I decided I should definitely give this a try.
What Benefit Cosmetics say about High Beam:
luminescent complexion enhancer

I swear I thought they had something more to write about their famous product, but this is all I found from their website.

High beam is a beautiful pink liquid highlighter, it comes in a small nail polish sort of bottle with a similar looking nail polish applicator. You can directly apply this on the high points of your cheeks, little on the middle of your forehead, along your nose, your cupids bow and chin and blend it very well so it gives a natural glow. It sure is a superstar in a bottle. If you want to apply it directly I would recommend blending is the key, because it is a thick liquid highlighter, not at all runny. I like to use this mixed with my foundation, also mixed with my cream kryolan stick concealer, it just brightens up the under eye area so well.

It doesn't make me look oily at all, remember the key to a super glowy skin with liquid highlighters is blending them really nicely, if you just pat them on and leave them you are eventually going to look like a disco ball. Use a duo fiber brush to apply for a strong highlighter and blend everything out with your flat powder brush. Or if you want an overall glow then mix it with your liquid foundation and apply with a beauty blender, brush or even your fingers.

Benefit High Beam: blended

more blended.

I would compare this to the bodyshop radiant highlighter, which I love and adore so much! Although the only difference between the two is their consistency, bodyshop highlighter is more creamy/liquid while benefit high beam is thicker and definitely has more pink glow to it. Their colors when blended are the same, but if you see them non blended then you will find high beam to be more frosty light pink and bodyshop one is more baby pink. Oh, the tragedy behind explaining their colors.
The other liquid highlighter which I own is the Nars orgasm illuminator, which I'm not a fan of honestly.

Here are the swatches for you to decide.

Nars Orgasm illuminator, Bodyshop radiant highlighter, Benefit High beam

all three blended.
Nars orgasm illuminator, bodyshop radiant highlighter, benefit high beam

Nars orgasm illuminator is bronzy for when the sun is out and I'm feeling OK and want a J-Lo glow. And the other two Benefit High beam and Bodyshop radiant highlighter are usually what I use on regular basis.
I love all three, but my nars one has changed its consistency and form so I'm thinking what to do with it, I have tried shaking it but it didn't work. Lets see if you guys can help me with it.

Thanks for reading, ladies. Hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Monday, March 3, 2014

February favorites!

So here are my February favorites! I did not do a January favorites post last month because well, I'm a lazy lazy person, but I just didn't want to miss it this time. Please enjoy the products, their tiny little reviews and pictures.

Mac Face and Body foundation: My favorite mac foundation and trust me I have tried quite a few. This one is water based and thin consistency so you will have to shake the bottle well before squeezing it out to apply. It gives me an amazing flawless finish. It is not a full coverage foundation but covers up everything that it needs to. I usually use my concealer first on my scars and under eye, then apply this with my sigma f80 brush.
I'm in the shade N2.

Sigma F80: My favorite foundation brush so far! Enough said.

Body Shop Radiant Highlighter: I have used this so much the entire last month that now I will have to purchase some amazing liquid highlighters, I have the Nars Orgasm liquid highlighter, which I do not love as much as the Body Shop one. I think I will purchase Nars Copacabana Liquid highlighter because its high end and has similar pinky frosty glow as the Body shop one? Wondering why I'm deciding on the high end one when I'm getting the same thing with the Body shop? I love spending and I'm guilty...I should stop now..
Also I really want to try the Becca shimmering perfector liquid highlighter in Moonstone!

Victoria Secrets Mineral blush in Scarlett and MUA Mosaic blusher is English Rose: These two give me an amazing pinky glowing skin. I got the VS blush from the Beauty Unleashed two years back, it had come out with a set I think and she was selling things from the set individually, I guess. And well, the MUA English Rose, is something I got after reading its amazing reviews about how amazing it is as a blusher and a highlighter together.

Victoria Secrets Body butter in Love Spell: I love using this! it has a thick consistency, it is better for super dry areas of the body. Love the smell, this is by far my favorite VS scent. just love!

Victoria Secrets Body Mist in Leave me Breathless: this scent is so refreshing! I love using this so much, its simple and appropriate for everyday wear. I just love spraying it all over my body after the Love spell body butter.

Random food favorites anyone?
I have two :)
Nature Valley Bars in Oats and Dark Chocolate: my favorite snack to have with coffee, green tea or just milk! tastes heaven, especially when dipped in a hot beverage, the dark chocolate melts and its yummy!! Cant explain my eating ritual better than this, can I now?

Alpen Fruit and Nut with Milk Chocolate: this box comes with only five of these bars and I usually finish them in 2-3 days. Yeah, and then never have them the entire month, because you're guilty that it has milk chocolate? My favorite breakfast!

Hope you girls enjoyed this post! xx