Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr blush in Tipsy!

I'm extremely late at so many things on my blog! I'm so sorry, I have just been crazy busy with college and life in general. I really miss writing long story blog posts, so here is another one just for you girls.

Here is my first Tarte cosmetics purchase

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr blush

So, the moment I saw this blush's swatch on Temptalia I knew I wanted this coral beauty in my blush collection. I'm a big fan of coral blushes, I think they look best on our skin tone. I was going through my blush collection this morning and realized how many peachy pink blushes I have and not many corals and pinks. I really should get my hands on a beautiful glowy pink blush soon, I want you guys to recommend me some in the comments, please.

Lets come back to Tipsy. It is the most beautiful matte coral blush ever! It is orange and pink, yes, you know what comes out then, a coral beauty like tipsy. This lies in the red family , between orange and pink, love this coral shade and it would look heaven when worn with a coral lipstick and daytime smokey eyes. This blush screams summer so badly, and with the spring time around, you guys should definitely check this one out. I think i will be wearing this everyday during summer.
It is very pigmented, so it is better to use a light hand. I haven't tried this blush on for more than 6 hours so I can't say if it stays on till 12 hrs, but I can guarantee you that it stayed on just as perfect as I applied it for six whole hours.
Its texture is so buttery and not at all chalky. Best for people who are afraid of shimmery blushes on their cheeks. I know how shimmer blushes can accentuate your pores.
I saw no fall outs in the pan or on the brush during application. It is value for the money. The packaging is so fixed and steady from the outside, although the inner pan is movable, I don't know if this happens with other company blushes, but I just found out while swatching it on my hands.

left side swatched, right side is blended

When I opened the packaging I knew I had something similar to this already in my collection and that was Accessorize bronzing block 3, which I got as a dupe for Benefit Coralista because well, previously I did not like spending a lot of money on high end makeup stuff. Now, I'm addicted. And trust me this is not healthy. I spend almost all my pocket money on makeup and handbags.
Should start earning soon!

top to botton: Accessorize bronzing block num 3, Tarte Amazonian in Tipsy, Mac Peachykeen and Milani Luminoso

So was the Accessorize bronzing block really similar to the Tarte Amazonian Blush in Tipsy? Yes, sort of if you don't look too closely. It is more towards pink than orangish coral, so I wouldn't say they are similar. Also the difference in texture says a lot about the quality of the product. I like my Accessorize blush, not saying its bad, but it is chalky, powdery and definitely hard to blend as compared to Tarte Amazonian Blush. The others which I tried to compare it to were Mac Peachykeen and Milani blush in Luminoso. Those weren't so similar at all. Mac peachykeen is darker and has more darker peachiness to it than coral. And Milani Luminoso on the other hand was more glowy, lighter and peachy and nothing close to being coral by any chance. Here are the images for you to decide for yourself.

blushes blended: top to botton, Accessorize bronzing block in num 3, Tarte Tipsy, Mac Peachykeen and Milani Luminoso

left to right: Accessorize bronzing block in no:3, Tarte amazonian clay blush in Tipsy, Mac Peachykeen and Milani Luminoso.

Tell me what are your favorite Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush shades? I would love to hear different brands recommendations for a glowy pink blush now:)
I don't really have a wishlist for anymore Tarte cosmetics products to share here, this blush was all I wanted from their line.
Hope you all liked this post! xx

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Mac Lipstick Collection- Swatches

I don't have a big Mac lipstick collection, I have around six of them and I love them to death. Yes, Mac lipsticks are probably the best lipsticks I have ever used, not that I have used a lot of high end ones, but these are amazing. The pigmentation and the staying power of these just make me fall more and more in love with them. I have quite a few on my wishlist for this year, and I will be sharing my wishlist Mac lipsticks at the end of this post with you guys.

Here are the swatches of the ones I own :)

                                                                     Mac Lipsticks!


                                             Mac Up the Amp: most beautiful milky purple color

                   Mac Candy Yum Yum: bright barbie pink, such a beautiful statement lipstick

 Mac Rebel: its a berry red color with a little purple to it, my favorite winter lipstick, I wear this with just three four coats of mascara. its love!

Mac Please Me: it is a muted pink shade, very wearable with a smokey eye look and when you dont want alot going on on your lips.

 Mac Impassioned: it is a mixture of coral, red and pink. it is bright and so happening! If you're not comfortable wearing a red, you definitely need this in your life.

Mac Vegas Volt: when coral meets a subtle way. Yes, this is what you get. My favorite favorite lipstick. Have been wearing this with every outfit ever since I got this.

   Left to right: Rebel, Up the Amp, Candy yum yum, Impassioned, Vegas Volt, Please me

Left to right: Rebel, Up the Amp, Candy yum yum, Impassioned, Vegas Volt, Please me

My Mac lipsticks wishlist:
Mac Ravishing, Mac Girl about town and Mac Russian Red

Hope you liked this post ladies! do let me know in the comments how you found this and which ones are your favorites? xx

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Winter Tag!

oh wait, I'm late at this too, eh? umm 1 week can really make a difference you know, it was really cold when I got tagged and now Karachi is going to its sucky hot weather.
Lets come back to business, shall we? I have been tagged by Nida Arshad from Nida's Beauty Bag and Bia from The Beauty Finds, here is their blog links :)

Favorite winter nail polish?
I'm sorry but I pretend to be such a slack when it comes to nails. I mean I love nail polishes but it is just that mood and its usually in summers when I get in that mood, if I'm making any sense help me here, thank you. But I'm not a nail polish person, it is only when I have that weird fever of applying nail colors and different every week mind you, its in summers.....yeah, you got that in the first place, didn't you?

Favorite winter lip product?
This winter I was all about Mac Vegas Volt and Mac Rebel lipstick. Love those two!! And ofcourse the Labello lip balm :)

Most worn winter clothing piece?
Not sure what to write here, really, because I wear and buy clothes like anything. Yes, new clothes everyday...very harmful, its scary, I know. But I think this winter I wore my Black Blazer jacket alot, and my Denim shirts.

Most worn winter accessory?Umm, ok this would be my Guess Animal print wrist watch and my Chanel gold chain bracelet.

Favorite Winter Scent?
This winter I have been using is Victoria Secrets Body Mist in Leave me breathless. Love the smell, although it is light and very summery but it is great as my everyday scent and also after shower to spray it all over my body. Another was a perfume by the Body Shop called Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume.

Favorite Winter beverage?
OMG, my lovvveee Cappuccino and Nescafe Latte sachets! LOVE! my favorite evening activity is to make myself a hot cup of cappuccino or use a latte sachet.

All time favorite holiday movie?
Well, I did not even have to think about this one...its The Holiday. I'm a really big movie junkie, a total addict when it comes to watching movies and honestly winter means watching two movies everyday, its only because home is more cozy and when at home what is better than watching good movies with the family :)
Lets come back to The Holiday, it stars Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. And well, Cameron Diaz is just loveee!

Favorite holiday food/treat?
I'm not a foodie so there is no favorite holiday treat, but the only thing I love about Christmas is the fruit cake. I love carrot cake so much and I usually get to eat it around the Christmas time.

What's at the top of your wishlist?
I have only three products right now on my wishlist
YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Peach Passion
Juicy Couture Perfume Viva La Juicy
Mac Strobe Cream

Your plans for winter holidays?
Ok am I really this late for this post?? haha. Winter holidays are long gone my loves, now everyone is back to the grind!

According to the rule I have to tag 5 gorgeous bloggers:) by Tala Farah by Zara May by Maliha Rao by Shaheen Nouman by Fia

Some amazing reviews of the products purchased last month will be posted this week, don't forget to keep following me girlies.