Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Great Expectations Tag!

I'm super duper late at this. I was tagged in this post by The Beauty Finds,, here is her blog link. Do check her out, I love her and her blog:)
Many thanks to her for tagging me in this, its just a way to get to know me better. I will try my best to tag five new bloggers who I follow, although I'm very late and most of them have already written their tag posts.
Bia has some very interesting questions for me.
Here they are and my answers to them.

Bad Beauty habit to get rid of this year?
I think the only bad habit I should get rid of this year is how i spend money like water. I can't help it, but I think I should start saving up a little than just spending everything on things I want and don't need. Just as I'm writing my answer to this I realize how terrible my thumb nails look like. I need to stop biting my thumb nails!

Beauty Secret to add this year?
I'm trying very hard to take of my skin as much as I can this year. So I think some good face products for my skin type and taking care of it more. I'm planning on investing more on skin care this year than makeup, which obviously is impossible because buying makeup is well...just more fun. I want to get my hands on Kojic acid soap, have heard great reviews about it for skin whitening, to invest in Bio oil for my acne scars, also try out some home remedies like banana peels for acne scars. So many other things are already on my list.

Last years Beauty favorites?
I have already done a post on my favorites from last year. Here is the link :)

Beauty/Body goal of 2014?
Well, I'm not an exrcise person at all, but I can starve myself, I know it sucks, but I cant help it. I just dont get time to exercise. I have stopped eating sweet stuff, I say no to chocolates and everything sweet in general. Just the normal home made food and I'm more than happy.

Last year's biggest fashion mistake/regret?
I don't do fashion mistakes, no I'm not saying my style is amazing but I'm more of a safe player when it comes to fashion. I wear what I think will look good on me , if I don't like something whether its the biggest fashion thing I wouldn't go for it at all. I like to dress according to my body. I'm very tall and broad, I try to wear things which look good on my body type. I love handbags, jewelry, watches and always get things which I know I can wear with confidence. No regrets for me when it comes to fashion ;)

This year's fashion trend prediction?
Lets start with the clothes first, Hound tooth print has been so in this year, Lace pieces on collar shirts, Blazer jackets my favvvv! Big statement necklaces on plain shirts with round necks are love! Loafer shoes! I need to get myself a pair of loafers! get them studded or get them plain, they are here to stay this year. Printed silk scarves on plain shirts. Denim on denim. More pastels this spring. Big wrist watches aren't going anywhere. Color blocking is going to be big, cobalt with yellow looks fab by the way. and yellow with white. White with red. Go on and experiment what you like, if you fail, it's only result in a little piece of regret in the above question, trust me:) messenger handbags, so easy to carry to college, I'm not a big handbags girl nor do I like studs on my handbag, its only because I'm not comfortable in carrying them but if you like them/ want them, go ahead because they are here to stay. Get yourself a big studded Micheal Kors handbag, because you deserve one.

This year's fashion must have?
Printed skinny pants on plain shirts. Loafer shoes. Blazer jackets of your choice.
These are on my must have list this year.

This year's key resolution?
Lose weight, look hot, take amazing pictures of yourself with that new dslr camera you got, baby. Work hard on studies. And love yourself as much as you can. My resolution <3

Any advice for 2014?
My advice to all of you is that please love yourself, the more you love yourself the more you will start loving the people around you. Stop stressing over things like, weight, husbands fighting issues, horrible aunties and uncles in your families, over money issues, put needs over wants then decide, put yourself over everything else then decide, trust me the more you start thinking about yourself and not others, you will feel your best and look your best. In the end you're who you got for yourself so take care of yourself.

have to tag five ladies, not sure if they have already been tagged or not. Here they are:) by Tala Farah by Zara May by Maliha Rao by Shaheen Nouman by Fia

That's all I have in this post for you girls. Thank you Bia again for tagging me. Lots of love! xx


  1. Nice post....I have also heard alot about bio oil hun....xoxoxo....:)

  2. Thankyou for Tagging me Laila!