Sunday, January 12, 2014

My New ASOS Handbag!

I splurged! I did not need this in my life, but I can't control myself when it comes to makeup and handbags!

or if you ask my mom, she would say, Buy now or grow up? I can't save money, I just can't!

This is my beautiful Asos handbag which I ordered, it is so gorgeous, I just cant get over it.

I carry this bag whenever I go for a hangout, took this to college once then decided I should not waste this bag because Civil hospital ruins everything I own. So I kept it for only when I'm hanging out with friends and family.

I got this bag for Rs.4500 plus 250 delivery charges. Its real price was somewhere between $30-$35, if you want to order directly from their website. I ordered this through a facebook page called The Bling World. Love that girl and how quickly she ordered this bag for me right away! :D I'm planning on ordering mobile phone covers and bags from her all  the time now!

This is me with the handbag :)
What I'm wearing?
Scarf :  Bright pink Crochet wool scarf from H&M
Sweater Shirt : Mustard color H&M
Light Blue Legging jeans from Levis
Wrist Watch: Swatch watch in Rose gold color
Bag: Asos :)

Hope you girls liked this! <3


  1. Nice bag Laila...You look stunning :)

  2. I like the way u dress Laila. Share your collection of wrist watches sometime I too love handbags and wrist watches the more the better