Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nominated for Liebstar Award!

I have been nominated for the Liebstar Award by Jabeen Qadri, her page link is here :) I'm so happy and excited, thank you so much Jabeen, it was a great surprise :D There is no final winner for this award, it is just a way to get to know other new bloggers who have small following and a way to promote them in the blogging world :)

Okay, so here are the rules.
1. You thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Link the bloggers Blog to your post, just like I did :)
3. You answer their 11 questions.
4. You nominate 11 bloggers with a small following
5. You create 11 questions for them.
6. Comment on their blog posts and mention there that you have nominated them.

My answers to Jabeen's questions are here :)

1) What is your blog about?
My blog is about makeup, beauty and fashion. On my blog you will find a lot of makeup hauls, makeup reviews, my recommendations and oh-God-nos'. A lot of fashion posts, face of the day and outfit of the day posts will be up soon. :D
2) What kind of audience do you want for your blog?
Girls who are makeup lovers and want to spread the love with me. I love it when girls comment on my posts with so much love. It feels great :D 
3) Who is your favorite blogger?
My favorite would be Carli Bybel, I love herrrrr, so hot! Another favorite of mine is Nikki from Nikkitutorials, she's cute, she's funny, reminds me of Katherine Heigl. Cynthis from Indian Vanity and Huda from Hudabeauty. From Pakistan, I love reading posts by AyeshaBblogger and Nayabloves.
4) What is your favorite beauty item?
I'm a blush whore! I have this really weird fetish to collect blushes all the time :o not funny. If you don't believe me you will be seeing a post on my blush collection soon.
5) What is your favorite accessory?
I love wearing watches! definitely my favorite accessory. Although I don't have a big collection. I do buy one every year.
 6) Which fashion trend do you absolutely loathe?
I know a lot of people will hate me for this, but NEONS! ewww, Okay, kids wearing Bright yellows, pinks and oranges. FINE, I understand. But I hate how young women are wearing them. Not a fan of Neons at all! I don't understand the whole concept of carrying neon handbags, wearing neon shoes and dresses. Summer is OVER, girlies. Get your neutrals out, NOW!
7) What is your dream job?
Honestly, I dont have one dream job, because we get one life and I have a lot of plans. I want to become an amazing doctor, really work hard for my goals, work as a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, become a good life partner and a mother. ;)
8) What post on your blog has had the most visits?
here is the post link :)
9) What will your followers be seeing more of on your blog in 2014?more makeup hauls, I want to focus on face of the day, outfit of the day posts, need to get my hands on a good camera sooonnn!!
10) Your New Year Resolutions please.
1.Lose weight sexy clothes and to look good in them a good camera
4.go for a good vacations next summer
5.take care of my nails and skin
11) How you imagine your blog in three years.
I don't like to picture a lot of things as to how they'd look in the future. But I would want to see my blog with loads of followers, more pretty people wanting to read my posts, more amazing posts by me. I want to improve my writing, more fun and more beautiful pictures of products and me. ;)

Here are the beautiful people I have nominated for the Liebster Award :)

I know, I know a lot of these beautiful people have already been nominated by others, but you need to realize that I'm new to the blogging world and I don't follow a lot of people. So, whoever I've nominated are the ones I'm following :)

Here are my 11 questions, girlies
1. What is your blog about?
2. How long have you been blogging?
3. How did you start in the blogging world?
4. What are your two favorite beauty must haves?
5. What kind of posts do you like to write?
6. What posts do you like to read from other bloggers?
7. Where do you want to see your blog in the next two three years?
8. What End of the year posts are you doing?
9. Link your last post from this year, here?
10. What motivates you to write and post beautiful things on your blog?
11. What plans do you have in bag for the next year?

Thank you so much guys! xx
much love <3


  1. Thanks a lot for nominating me :))
    Check out the giveaway just two days left do join

    1. You're welcome, sweetie! Sure , will check it out!

  2. Thnx for nominating me dear :) i m so happy .... :D

  3. Thanks for nominating me, means a lot. I love your blog :)