Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nars 'Luster' blush Review, Swatches and Comparison!

I really had an urge to start this post with "Haaayee", I hope a lot of you know what this expression means in Urdu...Yes, this blush makes me say that everytime I look at it, in the pan, on my cheeks, lying around in my makeup stash, it keeps telling me I should love it a little more, maybe?

I go all gaga when it comes to blushes. I'm one proud blush whore. I have this reasonably very well informed fetish where all I want is blushes. I want to score them as much as I can.

My love for glowy blushes started with when I got a small Elf blush in Glow, it was a one dollar blush, I think and trust me my beauties cuties, I fell for it head over heels. There is no reason to not like it, except that it has tremendous amounts of fall out which I hate.

Lets come to the blush I have been lusting after for so long, I present to you baby Luster, a new member to my blush family ;)

Nars blush in Luster is a sheer golden apricot, this blush actually makes me feel like a Goddess. I fell in love with it the moment I saw its swatches online, I didn't want Orgasm, I didn't want Deep throat, all I wanted from Nars blushes was this beauty.

I took so long to buy this, I don't know why I wasn't just placing an order for this little kitty here. It is the most beautiful golden apricot color, doesn't make me look muddy. It is a tangerine orange blush with golden apricot sheen to it. A lot of people compare this to Nars Madly, but if you look at the swatches online, they're pretty different. Luster has an amazing sheen to it, it has no shimmer in it and did not emphasize my cheek pores.
It has an amazing texture, blends really well and looks gorgeous with a Red lip. Yes, this is the blush you need in your life when you can't decide what color blush to wear with a red pout. I always used to wear my Nars Laguna bronzer and Mac MSF in soft n gentle with a Red lipstick, but I could never decide on the blush and that is when this baby comes in.

It makes an amazing everyday blush, gives just an amazing natural glow to my face. And this is the blush which you can wear with anything and everything. It is super pigmented, one swipe and I'm done with my blush application. I actually love this more than my other Nars blushes.

Nars Luster heavily swatched above and blended below

I tried to compare this to other blushes I own which looked similar to it in the pan but it didn't really work out well because I don't really own a blush which looks like Nars Luster when swatched.
Here are the swatches ;)

Nars 'Luster' Blush, Milani baked blush in Luminoso, Mac's Peachykeen, Elf essentials blush in Glow

From the swatches above, none of the blushes compared look similar to Nars Luster. 
Luster has more tangerine orange to it while Milani Luminoso is a glowy coral, Peachykeen is pinkish and Elf essentials Glow is a glowy apricot.
I can't say how the comparison swatches are useful here, but you definitely know how Luster looks like now :)

Hope you guys liked this! xx


  1. The Nars luster blush seems a bit too dark for my taste...However, I love the rest of ur swatches, especially Milani Luminoso is lovelyyyy. Thanks for sharing

  2. I guess Luster would be really nice on fairer Asian skin to give cheeks definition without a bronzer. I Like it! :) (Y)

  3. These all are gorgeous <3
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  4. I love your blog

  5. Such a pretty colour. Adding it to my to-buy list !