Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Current Skin Care Routine!

Hello ladies! I thought I'd share my current skin care routine because these products have been helping me a lot in dealing with my break outs, pores and super dry sensitive skin this winter.

Eveline cosmetics Pure Control washing gel : First product I'd like to share is a product which I purchased with no deliberate attempt of using it in any case. I went to Naheed Supermarket to buy some makeup, of course, I'm never serious when it comes to investing in skin care because I think spending on makeup is much more fun, which is bad, I know. So, there was this section right in front of the Stage line cosmetics aisle with all these Eveline products and my mom was selecting some face washes and anti aging  face creams for herself and this lady was convincing her to buy some anti aging Eveline products which my mom did and she gave me this face wash for my acne.
Long story short, this face wash dried out my pimples in the first wash. It is a white creamy cleanser with little granules in it, which do not really help with the scrubbing but they are there.It has salicylic acid in it which is the key ingredient you should look for when searching for an acne face wash. It says that it acts against active acne, which is true, it helped to dry them out, but one other thing this promises, which it doesn't really do, is acting against spots/acne scars. It didn't help to fade acne scarring. I'm happy that at least it has helped reduce the active acne. Also I'm planning on using Honey, which has antibacterial properties which help to fade acne scars.

Eveline cosmetics Washing Gel

St.Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemishes: I have been loyal to this product since forever. It has helped me through so much. St.Ives in my opinion makes the best drugstore face scrubs ever. They not only can be used as face scrubs but also as body scrubs because they do have a lot of  tiny granules in them, which can be harsh, so don't try to rub it in aggressively. I love to use this every 2 3 days. Take a very small amount in your hand and start rubbing it all over your face, massaging motion for 3-4 minutes then wash it off. It leaves my skin baby soft, I love, love it!

St.Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemishes

Physiogel Cream: This little fellow has been prescribed to me by my dermatologist. I have seriously very dry skin and 5 6 months back I had this really bad allergic reaction to a mascara. My eyelids, my under eye area became super dry and flaky, I couldn't even open my eyes , they were swollen. And after 3 days, my whole face was dry, flaky and swollen, I looked like an old lady, I could see my old version in the mirror what I'd look like when I will be 60 70 years maybe. When it happened the first time, I tried Hydrocortisone all over my face and kept ice cold towels on my face and slept. And then when it happened again the second time I knew it was time for me to go see a dermatologist, so he prescribed me a topical steroid to put around my eyes for strictly 3 days, because steroids are a complete no no and bad for your health, no steroids should be used more than 5 days, always remember. Say no to Paki face creams like Stilmans and Tibet snow.
Lets come back to Physiogel now!
Physiogel is a hypo allergic moisturizing cream which carries all three physiological lipids which are essential to hold our skin together and it revitalizes dry skin. I apply a pea size amount all over my face thrice everyday after washing my face and drying it, first in the morning, then when i come back from college and then at night before going to bed. It feels amazing on the skin. I haven't had any terrible dry skin problems ever since I have started using this.

Physiogel Cream

Spectraban sunscreen spf 40: My other dermatologist prescribed me this, she has left the city so I don't go to her anymore. She prescribed me this because I have a lot of break outs and uneven skin tone, according to her it is because university students spend so much time in the sun, that we need something that is not oily to the skin, because oily suncreens do make you break out. No jokes, I have had my experience with Neutrogena sunscreen, I hate it, seriously, they are super oily and make you look like a jungle the moment you are out of the house in this terrible Karachi weather. I haven't had any issues with Spectraban, it is transparent, has a little primer sort of consistency and it is not at all oily. My face makeup and everything looks the same even after 4 5 hours, and I know that everything is still in place so it is working, because I have seen my skin getting better, lesser break outs as compared to when I was using the Neutrogena sunscreen. Always remember, no matter what, never forget to wear your sunscreen even if you're going out of the house for only 5 10 minutes, it looks like something extra and I know a lot of people who skip this, but trust me taking care of your skin helps it in the long run, with anti aging, wrinkles, break outs and skins tone.

SpectraBAN Sunscreen spf 40

Monistat Chafing gel: I purchased this product to use this as a face primer before applying my foundation, but I have found a new amazing use out of this. I have terrible pores issue going on, on my right cheek, so what I do, whenever I use my scrub every 2 3 days, I like to apply this afterwards, it helps to prevent irritation and fills into my skin pores and has helped to soothe my skin down. I'm very impressed by this product, I will be ordering more of this!

Monistat Chafing Gel

Hope you liked this! xx


  1. SpectraBAN really works well as a base for me. I was on the fence about Monistat Chafing Gel, would love to get it now :)

  2. Yes, very true about spectraban, I sometimes don't even feel the need to apply a primer when I have this on :)
    I'm sure you will like Moninstat :)

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