Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mac 'Vegas Volt' Lipstick Review, Swatches and Comparison!

Okay, so I was deciding whether to do Mac Vegas Volt lipstick's review alone or together with the Nars blush in Luster? It bores the crap out of me to do a review on a single product, because, it is hard for me to concentrate and write about one awesomeness, when I have too many in front of me...I tried, I'm still trying, very hard, but I will have to get used to the blogging world, I think.
One sweetness at a time, sweet heart, I have to repeat this to myself, again and again. I can stop babbling now and start with the review.Thank you.

I know, I know , it is not the time of the year when you order and review something like Mac Vegas Volt, but I'm helpless when it comes to my love for oranges and corals. So please, kindly bear with me, ladies.

Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt: It is an amplified bright orange-coral lipstick, super pigmented , just like any other Mac amplified lipsticks, super duper creamy, easy to apply and has all the summer happiness you want in your life this winter, which is creepy because nobody feels happy or wants summer here in Karachi. Thank you very much.
Also if I were to color my lips one color for the rest of my life, this would be it. Yes, I love it that much! I think my life is complete now, even if I don't buy any other lipsticks for the rest of my life, I will still be happy ( over exaggerating much? ) don't worry, that is not my plan, you guys will be seeing more lippies here.

It is more coral than orange in my opinion, very opaque and pigmented. Best when paired with neutral champagne eyes and coral blush. Heaven! The feel, the texture is amazing, I love every bit of Mac lipsticks and I never regret spending money on Mac lipsticks, they are heavenly and the best lipsticks I have ever used. I can't say much about the wear time because I only wore it for 3 hours, but I'm sure it lasts longer, like most of the amplified finishes from Mac.

I have been wanting to get my hands on this ever since it came out first, but I didn't want to spend on an orange-coral lipstick which I thought I would never really wear more than my pinks, peaches and nudes. So just to get comfortable with the orange color I decided to get my hands on some drugstore dupes. Yes, drugstore dupes which have been my source of survival the whole of last summer, because after trying the color on for the first time, I fell head over heels for anything but orange and coral, I want every lipstick to be this color. I have been wearing it with every outfit and probably everyday as long as I can remember.

Here are the drugstore dupes (and their little descriptions) I fell in love with before getting my hands on the real happiness!

Diana of London Pure addiction lipstick in Rambutan, Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt, Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in Coral in Gold

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Coral in Gold: I wanted to try an orange-coral lipstick , I sat and I googled and found this color. I read its reviews, swatches, a lot of magazines online showed this as a must try orange lip for summer. Honestly, I did not like it as much as I wanted to. It definitely doesn't look like how it looks in the swatches. It is an orange-coral with gold in it. The gold doesn't really show up in pictures, but it is there and that is what gives it a really frosty effect, which I'm personally not a fan of. The texture, the feel and the application of the lipstick is amazing, it is not drying on the lips. Rimmel makes some really amazing drugstore lipsticks. The wear time is good, I have never really worn it more than 4 5 hours, so I can't say if it lasts more than that, but that is a good wear time, come on. All in all it is a good lipstick if you like a little golden frosty effect on your lips with the beautiful orange-coral color. I ordered mine from 

Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick in Rambutan, Mac Vegas Volt, Rimmel lipstick in Coral in Gold

Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick in Rambutan: Here comes my favorite out of the two drugstore purchases. I went to Naheed supermarket to find an orange lipstick after not being satisfied with the Rimmel Coral in gold. I went to the Diana of London counter, just to see if I could find something interesting and there it was, the love of my life. The moment I swatched this, I knew I wanted this in my life and this is what I have been waiting for. I bought it right there and then, no questions asked in mind. It is super pigmented, very intensely opaque. It has no coral in it, it is just a perfect orange shade. For this lipstick you will notice you don't even have to build up more color, you get the exact shade in just one swipe. Excellent product for the price. This lipstick makes me want to try more of their Pure addiction lipstick shades, but I'm still not over this just as yet!

Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt, Diana of London Pure addiction Lipstick in Rambutan, Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in Coral in Gold

You can clearly see in the swatches above that Mac Vegas Volt has more coral to it than the other two drugstore orange ones. And what I said about the Rimmel Coral in gold, you can't really see the gold in the picture, but it is there and gives it a frosty effect.

Price: Rs.2000
Availability: I got mine from Mac Addict ( the facebook page )

Hope you girls liked this post! xx


  1. such a lovely review, i loveeeeeeeee coral lip colors ^_^

    1. Thank you Huda ^.^
      Yes, coral lip colors are Love!! :D

  2. these are yum...Also try Morange by MAC :)

    I am following you now. Do follow back as well. Will Appreciate it :)
    Red Alice

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    1. Hello :) thank you so much for nominating me. I just checked the link :D
      Yes, I will do a post with answers to your questions today :D soo happy! Thank you <3 <3

  4. Revlon's Coral Berry has a similar coral-orange shade. The MAC one suits your skin tone well :)

    1. Yes, I have heard Revlons Coral Berry is very similar to Vegas Volt :)
      Thank you so much, love <3 <3

  5. Vegas Volt was my first mac lipstick and i love the shade to bits x

    1. I know! i've been wearig it everyday ever since i got it:)