Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY : Old Favorite Mascara? No Problem

Don't you hate it when your mascara dries out before half of it is even used?
Happens to me all the time!

Here's how you can make your mascara last three times longer!

What you need?
-Your favorite old mascara
-A bottle of Contact Lens Solution

How and what to do?
-Open your mascara tube and just add 3 drops of your contact lens solution.
-Put the mascara cap back on and try to swirl the brush inside with the surrounding tube content
-Keep the tube closed for five minutes, then open and try the mascara, it will apply and feel as new. :)

Hope this was helpful! xx


  1. i actually like my favorite mascara, which is the maybelline falsies after its a bit dry, warna its too wet for my liking haha. great diy :)

  2. haha nice idea
    btw following you would appreciate if you do the same :)
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