Monday, December 16, 2013

All about Highlighters and My Favorite Picks!

okay, so I went to Johnny Rockets on Saturday and it was just alright, I liked their shakes though. The prices were way too high for a burger place and we had to wait 20-25 minutes to get in. I think every new burger place in Karachi is worth a try? I should start a blog about NO, i know, thank you, lets come back to makeup now :)

Highlighters are in opinion the only makeup products which a lot of girls either don't use or don't find the exact purpose or need. They are shimmery products which you use to highlight, enhance the high points of you face, it includes your brow bone, running it along the bridge of your nose, center of your forehead, your upper lip for that pouty lips effect, center of your chin, high points of your cheek bones.
 I think, the only way to start with a highlighter is to first get your hands on a shimmery eyeshadow. Shades do matter when it comes to highlighting. Champagne , golden, pale yellow tones, pinks look best, also highlighters plus blush or bronzer duos give a great effect.
Pink highlighters are more for fair skin tones, while champagne, golden and yellow tones are great for all skin tones.

You have a lot of choice when it comes to highlighters, you can go for powder highlighters, liquid highlighters or cream highlighters.

Powder highlighters: These are the most easy to work with, but the hardest if you get them wrong. I tell you why, because when you're using a lot of powder based products on your face, like your setting powder, blush, bronzer and then highlighter, it does tend to get powdery no doubt and you need a face mist to melt everything down with your foundation. That is why you should stay away from super glittery, frosty metallic finish powder highlighters, they do tend to make your cheek pores prominent. Always go for powder highlighters which are finely milled and do not patch in one place when you apply them. I give personal preference to powders over liquids and cream highlighters. Best way to use powder highlighters, is to spray a face mist on your highlighter brush and then apply the powder highlighter with it. Gives an amazing polished highlight. :)

Mac MSF Soft and Gentle: it is the most beautiful golden champagne color, with glitter chunks in it. Best when I want a J-Lo glow by using this with my Nars Laguna Bronzer. I have fallen in love!
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: This is my recent purchase, I love it , but I don't love it to death..Can I cheat? Yes, maybe. It is a champagne highlighter, very finely milled powder, with shimmer but glowy shimmer, nothing glittery in this, great for subtle glowy looks. Best when paired with a lovely apricot-peachy blush and days when you want everything soft and beautiful.
Nars Albatross: This is one highlighter, I bought and forgot. Nars is one brand which I have love and hate relationship with. I didn't like orgasm blush, but I loved Laguna bronzer. These three products are like Cult favorites, you have to own them to prove you're a makeup lover...I have, have you? lets come back to Mr.Albatross, although I have nothing nice to say about this Sir here. it(he)is sheer, has golden sheen to it, i find it very pigmented and not flattering on my skin tone, it has cooler ivory base which does not look good on its own. I find it very hard to blend and very yellow for my color (yes, very unlikely of anyone to hear this for a Nars product) but I have tested this a lot of times, just doesn't work for me, maybe?
Etude High beam powder: my first powder highlighter, which i fell in love with immediately. It is amazingly finely milled and great quality product for the price they are offering. When you look in the pan you see just a white powder but when you look close it has silver shimmer in it which looks so beautiful. Best for days when you want everything effortless. Also, I love to use this under my eyes after I do my concealer, it works great as a brightening powder.
MUA Mosaic Powder in English Rose: Read reviews, was cheap, so I tried..? Yes, I love it. I love to use it as a highlight when i use matte blushes, it has pink, purple, blue, brown, champagne in it. when swatched it may look pink , but when blended it gives the most beautiful pearl/shimmer finish highlight shade. I do use this on its own as a blusher as well.  And again, you can't go wrong with the money you're paying. Excellent product in my opinion and some call it the powder version of Benefit High beam.
Sleek Glo highlighter in Peach Shimmer: this is a multi-colored striped highlighter, for the price, the wear time, the texture, the feel and how smoothly it blends is amazing although the only downside to this is how it can emphasize skin imperfections and give a frosted metallic finish which I'm not a fan of when it comes to highlighters. Individual shades in the pan are five, from whitish shimmer to golden with yellow undertones to a coppery shade to an orangey shimmer and a nice peachy shimmer at the end. These can also make amazing eyeshadows, no doubt!
Estee Lauder Pure color eye shadow in Tea Rose: It is a beautiful champagne shade, easy for me to carry since it an eye shadow and a highlighter both, I like to put this up on my eye lids and use it as a highlighter as well when in a hurry.

Estee Lauder eye shadow in Tea Rose, Nars Albatross, Mac MSF Soft and Gentle, TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
MUA Mosaic Powder in English Rose, Sleek Glo Highlighter in Peach Shimmer, Etude High Beam Powder

Liquid highlighters: They can be used on their own , on the high points of your face, they are very easy to blend into your skin with your fingers, which is by far the best way to use, just don't take too much of product on your finger to start with. Remember, too much application of something is bad. They can be used mixed with your liquid foundation, but always try to mix a liquid highlighter with a matte finish liquid foundation for a lovely dewy skin. If you mix a liquid highlighter with an already illuminating and glowy foundation it can end up ruining the look and make you look like a disco ball or oily and leave alone looking glowy. I love to use these by mixing with my matte liquid foundation especially during winters when your skin needs that glow you're looking for, especially if you have dry skin.

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter, Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Nars Orgasm Liquid Illuminator: My favorite and most used product mixed with my Revlon colorstay. I like to use it mixed with the foundation because it is very runny and liquid as compared to other liquid highlighters in the market , maybe this is why they call it a complex enhancer as well. I don't have much to say when I tell you I love it and if someone is looking for a liquid highlighter do check this out. The color is the same as the blush peachy pink 'bronzy' I would say.
The Body Shop Liquid illuminator: My first liquid illuminator which I got, it is pink and very similar to Benefit High Beam, I love to mix it with my foundation and then dab the mixture only on my cheeks area for a glowy affair. Very affordable and great for fair skin tones.

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter, Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Cream highlighters: These can be easiest or the hardest to use, the art of blending is all that you need. These come in pans or stick forms. You can apply them directly down the bridge of your nose and to the high points of your cheek bones and then blend it in with your fingers nicely. These are also a good option for people with dry skin who don't like to use a lot of powder products on their faces.

Elf All over color stick in Persimmon

Elf  All over stock in Persimmon: this is a pink champagne rosy color if I have to describe it accurately, very winterish feel about this color though, it is dry for a cream stick highlighter, I think, but what can you expect for $1. I would say, it is a good product for the money, the only downside is that it does tend to make your face look oily if you apply too much. It is a multi tasking product, use it an eye shadow base, as a lipstick highlight in the center of your lips for a lovely pout. You can make a lot of use out of this little fellow here.

Elf All over color stick in Persimmon

My favorite picks out of these:
Mac MSF Soft and gentle
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Nars Orgasm Liquid Illuminator

My Wishlist:
Armani Fluid Sheer Highlighter in 0 and 1
Nars Copacabana Multiple

Hope you enjoyed girlies! xx


  1. i just ordered the balm one but im reaaaly wanting to get soft and gentle lol

    1. I'm sure when you try them, you'll fall in love with both of them ;)

  2. Very informative... :) M impressed with the ELF stick swatch, i always ignored it and thought it won't be any good...thanks for sharing these

    1. thank you! Glad you found this useful <3

  3. I was looking forward to Albatross. But now I'd ditch the mister and pick something else. Btw, in your opinion, what finish (cream, liquid, powder) is the most long-lasting?

    My wishlist tops with Nars Super Orgasm.

    1. I think powder over cream will make the makeup application last longer :) I love spraying a bit of face mist on my highlighter brush and then I like to apply powder highlighter with it. It gives a lovely polished highlight :)

      I love highlighters wishlists, they make me drool!! <3

  4. my favorite is benefit watts up hands down, have ordered mary lou, tried soft and gentle and didnt quite like it, weird right when everybody seems to be going bonkers over it! :P
    i like your collection x

    1. I have yet to try benefit highlighters, although little Ms.High Beam is on her way to be with me :D I really want to try Benefit Watts Up and Girl meets pearl!
      :) Thank you! xx

  5. Lovely collection n thanks for sharing, I personally love to have a natural n subtle glow...

    1. thank you! Glad you liked it :)
      Nothing beats natural and subtle glowing skin <3