Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Beauty Favorites!

Since every beauty blogger and youtuber I know, do their beauty favorites of the month , I decided, I should too write about my most used and loved products from this month.

I have been hooked on a few mac products and I can't get enough of them this fall.

Mac MSF in Soft and Gentle: When I first got this product, from the packaging I thought it was too shimmery for my taste, but no, this product proved my hate for shimmery highlighters and blushers wrong. This is by far the best highlighter I have ever used!
 I use this more than any other highlighter in my collection. It is a powder with intense pigmentation and the color is perfect! It is the most beautiful golden champagne highlighter with golden chunks of glitter in it. It is shimmery but it doesn't make my cheek pores prominent. It gives a beautiful subtle healthy glow to the face. I love using this with almost every blush combo. For me it is one of those "Where were you all my life?" products!
I love pairing this up with my Nars Laguna Bronzer, with no blush at all. Just the highlighter and  the bronzer , gives that amazing sun kissed J-Lo glow! And eyeshadow, how can I forget how I love using this highlighter as an eyeshadow. Just this on my eyelids and two three coats of my favorite mascara and I'm good to go!

Mac Blush in Plum foolery: How can you not fall in love with this beautiful sheertone shimmer Plum color blush this fall?Definitely my favorite from my Mac blush collection. It is a beautiful warm rosy Plum color with golden shimmer, some compare it to Nars Sin, but it is lighter.

Mac lipstick in Rebel: I have no words to describe my love for this lipstick. It is bold enough for this falls dark and vampy lips trend, but not red , or fuchsia . It is a beautiful opaque, deep, fuchsia berry lipstick with a glossy finish. Its swatch is up on my favorite Fall lipsticks post.

Nars Laguna Bronzer: I have never been a fan of bronzers, but this has hooked me so bad! The only bronzer I was in love with before i got my hands on this Cult favorite was my Revlon Bronzer in Sunkissed Bronze. Nars Laguna just warms up my face and is great for contouring and gives great definition to my face. It is, however, a bronzer with gold shimmer in it, so some might not like to use this as a contour. I love to blend this in with my blush and it looks amazing. Another version of this is Nars Casino bronzer for deeper skin tones.

L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara: My all time favorite mascaras have always been Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes and Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition, but when I finished using their second tubes, I sort of got bored using the same mascaras and I wanted a change so bad. So I decided to pick this up. This one is definitely more black, loreal mascaras are always richer. It has plastic bristles, which I love, the wand is not so big so it is easier to apply mascara without smudging it on your lower lash line and can be easily used on the bottom lashes as well. It can smudge because the product is very densely pigmented, it will make your lashes wow in just two coats. Extremely lengthening and thickening mascara. It is also quite wet and dries up after you have the desired lash effect you want. It does have the tendency to give you spider lashes if you over apply this product. Three coats of this mascara and I'm the happiest girl in the world ( P.S: I love spider lashes, so I take my own time to apply and enjoy this mascara ). With the quality of this product and for its price, it deserves a shot! I loved this more than my high end Dior Show mascara, which I purchased out of curiosity to see what the hype was all about...and guess what? I couldn't have been more disappointed! Drugstore mascaras are the best, hands down <3

Where to find:
 Mac products : Mac Addict ( facebook page )
 Nars Laguna : I picked up mine from a blog sale
Loreal mascara: Easily available brand now in Pakistan
( Naheed supermarket, Aghas, Ebco, Farids )

Want to see me do a FOTD using my favorite products of the month?
it'll be up soon!

Hope you enjoyed this girlies!

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