Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nars 'Luster' blush Review, Swatches and Comparison!

I really had an urge to start this post with "Haaayee", I hope a lot of you know what this expression means in Urdu...Yes, this blush makes me say that everytime I look at it, in the pan, on my cheeks, lying around in my makeup stash, it keeps telling me I should love it a little more, maybe?

I go all gaga when it comes to blushes. I'm one proud blush whore. I have this reasonably very well informed fetish where all I want is blushes. I want to score them as much as I can.

My love for glowy blushes started with when I got a small Elf blush in Glow, it was a one dollar blush, I think and trust me my beauties cuties, I fell for it head over heels. There is no reason to not like it, except that it has tremendous amounts of fall out which I hate.

Lets come to the blush I have been lusting after for so long, I present to you baby Luster, a new member to my blush family ;)

Nars blush in Luster is a sheer golden apricot, this blush actually makes me feel like a Goddess. I fell in love with it the moment I saw its swatches online, I didn't want Orgasm, I didn't want Deep throat, all I wanted from Nars blushes was this beauty.

I took so long to buy this, I don't know why I wasn't just placing an order for this little kitty here. It is the most beautiful golden apricot color, doesn't make me look muddy. It is a tangerine orange blush with golden apricot sheen to it. A lot of people compare this to Nars Madly, but if you look at the swatches online, they're pretty different. Luster has an amazing sheen to it, it has no shimmer in it and did not emphasize my cheek pores.
It has an amazing texture, blends really well and looks gorgeous with a Red lip. Yes, this is the blush you need in your life when you can't decide what color blush to wear with a red pout. I always used to wear my Nars Laguna bronzer and Mac MSF in soft n gentle with a Red lipstick, but I could never decide on the blush and that is when this baby comes in.

It makes an amazing everyday blush, gives just an amazing natural glow to my face. And this is the blush which you can wear with anything and everything. It is super pigmented, one swipe and I'm done with my blush application. I actually love this more than my other Nars blushes.

Nars Luster heavily swatched above and blended below

I tried to compare this to other blushes I own which looked similar to it in the pan but it didn't really work out well because I don't really own a blush which looks like Nars Luster when swatched.
Here are the swatches ;)

Nars 'Luster' Blush, Milani baked blush in Luminoso, Mac's Peachykeen, Elf essentials blush in Glow

From the swatches above, none of the blushes compared look similar to Nars Luster. 
Luster has more tangerine orange to it while Milani Luminoso is a glowy coral, Peachykeen is pinkish and Elf essentials Glow is a glowy apricot.
I can't say how the comparison swatches are useful here, but you definitely know how Luster looks like now :)

Hope you guys liked this! xx

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nominated for Liebstar Award!

I have been nominated for the Liebstar Award by Jabeen Qadri, her page link is here :) I'm so happy and excited, thank you so much Jabeen, it was a great surprise :D There is no final winner for this award, it is just a way to get to know other new bloggers who have small following and a way to promote them in the blogging world :)

Okay, so here are the rules.
1. You thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Link the bloggers Blog to your post, just like I did :)
3. You answer their 11 questions.
4. You nominate 11 bloggers with a small following
5. You create 11 questions for them.
6. Comment on their blog posts and mention there that you have nominated them.

My answers to Jabeen's questions are here :)

1) What is your blog about?
My blog is about makeup, beauty and fashion. On my blog you will find a lot of makeup hauls, makeup reviews, my recommendations and oh-God-nos'. A lot of fashion posts, face of the day and outfit of the day posts will be up soon. :D
2) What kind of audience do you want for your blog?
Girls who are makeup lovers and want to spread the love with me. I love it when girls comment on my posts with so much love. It feels great :D 
3) Who is your favorite blogger?
My favorite would be Carli Bybel, I love herrrrr, so hot! Another favorite of mine is Nikki from Nikkitutorials, she's cute, she's funny, reminds me of Katherine Heigl. Cynthis from Indian Vanity and Huda from Hudabeauty. From Pakistan, I love reading posts by AyeshaBblogger and Nayabloves.
4) What is your favorite beauty item?
I'm a blush whore! I have this really weird fetish to collect blushes all the time :o not funny. If you don't believe me you will be seeing a post on my blush collection soon.
5) What is your favorite accessory?
I love wearing watches! definitely my favorite accessory. Although I don't have a big collection. I do buy one every year.
 6) Which fashion trend do you absolutely loathe?
I know a lot of people will hate me for this, but NEONS! ewww, Okay, kids wearing Bright yellows, pinks and oranges. FINE, I understand. But I hate how young women are wearing them. Not a fan of Neons at all! I don't understand the whole concept of carrying neon handbags, wearing neon shoes and dresses. Summer is OVER, girlies. Get your neutrals out, NOW!
7) What is your dream job?
Honestly, I dont have one dream job, because we get one life and I have a lot of plans. I want to become an amazing doctor, really work hard for my goals, work as a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, become a good life partner and a mother. ;)
8) What post on your blog has had the most visits?
here is the post link :)
9) What will your followers be seeing more of on your blog in 2014?more makeup hauls, I want to focus on face of the day, outfit of the day posts, need to get my hands on a good camera sooonnn!!
10) Your New Year Resolutions please.
1.Lose weight sexy clothes and to look good in them a good camera
4.go for a good vacations next summer
5.take care of my nails and skin
11) How you imagine your blog in three years.
I don't like to picture a lot of things as to how they'd look in the future. But I would want to see my blog with loads of followers, more pretty people wanting to read my posts, more amazing posts by me. I want to improve my writing, more fun and more beautiful pictures of products and me. ;)

Here are the beautiful people I have nominated for the Liebster Award :)

I know, I know a lot of these beautiful people have already been nominated by others, but you need to realize that I'm new to the blogging world and I don't follow a lot of people. So, whoever I've nominated are the ones I'm following :)

Here are my 11 questions, girlies
1. What is your blog about?
2. How long have you been blogging?
3. How did you start in the blogging world?
4. What are your two favorite beauty must haves?
5. What kind of posts do you like to write?
6. What posts do you like to read from other bloggers?
7. Where do you want to see your blog in the next two three years?
8. What End of the year posts are you doing?
9. Link your last post from this year, here?
10. What motivates you to write and post beautiful things on your blog?
11. What plans do you have in bag for the next year?

Thank you so much guys! xx
much love <3

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mac 'Vegas Volt' Lipstick Review, Swatches and Comparison!

Okay, so I was deciding whether to do Mac Vegas Volt lipstick's review alone or together with the Nars blush in Luster? It bores the crap out of me to do a review on a single product, because, it is hard for me to concentrate and write about one awesomeness, when I have too many in front of me...I tried, I'm still trying, very hard, but I will have to get used to the blogging world, I think.
One sweetness at a time, sweet heart, I have to repeat this to myself, again and again. I can stop babbling now and start with the review.Thank you.

I know, I know , it is not the time of the year when you order and review something like Mac Vegas Volt, but I'm helpless when it comes to my love for oranges and corals. So please, kindly bear with me, ladies.

Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt: It is an amplified bright orange-coral lipstick, super pigmented , just like any other Mac amplified lipsticks, super duper creamy, easy to apply and has all the summer happiness you want in your life this winter, which is creepy because nobody feels happy or wants summer here in Karachi. Thank you very much.
Also if I were to color my lips one color for the rest of my life, this would be it. Yes, I love it that much! I think my life is complete now, even if I don't buy any other lipsticks for the rest of my life, I will still be happy ( over exaggerating much? ) don't worry, that is not my plan, you guys will be seeing more lippies here.

It is more coral than orange in my opinion, very opaque and pigmented. Best when paired with neutral champagne eyes and coral blush. Heaven! The feel, the texture is amazing, I love every bit of Mac lipsticks and I never regret spending money on Mac lipsticks, they are heavenly and the best lipsticks I have ever used. I can't say much about the wear time because I only wore it for 3 hours, but I'm sure it lasts longer, like most of the amplified finishes from Mac.

I have been wanting to get my hands on this ever since it came out first, but I didn't want to spend on an orange-coral lipstick which I thought I would never really wear more than my pinks, peaches and nudes. So just to get comfortable with the orange color I decided to get my hands on some drugstore dupes. Yes, drugstore dupes which have been my source of survival the whole of last summer, because after trying the color on for the first time, I fell head over heels for anything but orange and coral, I want every lipstick to be this color. I have been wearing it with every outfit and probably everyday as long as I can remember.

Here are the drugstore dupes (and their little descriptions) I fell in love with before getting my hands on the real happiness!

Diana of London Pure addiction lipstick in Rambutan, Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt, Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in Coral in Gold

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Coral in Gold: I wanted to try an orange-coral lipstick , I sat and I googled and found this color. I read its reviews, swatches, a lot of magazines online showed this as a must try orange lip for summer. Honestly, I did not like it as much as I wanted to. It definitely doesn't look like how it looks in the swatches. It is an orange-coral with gold in it. The gold doesn't really show up in pictures, but it is there and that is what gives it a really frosty effect, which I'm personally not a fan of. The texture, the feel and the application of the lipstick is amazing, it is not drying on the lips. Rimmel makes some really amazing drugstore lipsticks. The wear time is good, I have never really worn it more than 4 5 hours, so I can't say if it lasts more than that, but that is a good wear time, come on. All in all it is a good lipstick if you like a little golden frosty effect on your lips with the beautiful orange-coral color. I ordered mine from 

Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick in Rambutan, Mac Vegas Volt, Rimmel lipstick in Coral in Gold

Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick in Rambutan: Here comes my favorite out of the two drugstore purchases. I went to Naheed supermarket to find an orange lipstick after not being satisfied with the Rimmel Coral in gold. I went to the Diana of London counter, just to see if I could find something interesting and there it was, the love of my life. The moment I swatched this, I knew I wanted this in my life and this is what I have been waiting for. I bought it right there and then, no questions asked in mind. It is super pigmented, very intensely opaque. It has no coral in it, it is just a perfect orange shade. For this lipstick you will notice you don't even have to build up more color, you get the exact shade in just one swipe. Excellent product for the price. This lipstick makes me want to try more of their Pure addiction lipstick shades, but I'm still not over this just as yet!

Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt, Diana of London Pure addiction Lipstick in Rambutan, Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in Coral in Gold

You can clearly see in the swatches above that Mac Vegas Volt has more coral to it than the other two drugstore orange ones. And what I said about the Rimmel Coral in gold, you can't really see the gold in the picture, but it is there and gives it a frosty effect.

Price: Rs.2000
Availability: I got mine from Mac Addict ( the facebook page )

Hope you girls liked this post! xx

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Current Skin Care Routine!

Hello ladies! I thought I'd share my current skin care routine because these products have been helping me a lot in dealing with my break outs, pores and super dry sensitive skin this winter.

Eveline cosmetics Pure Control washing gel : First product I'd like to share is a product which I purchased with no deliberate attempt of using it in any case. I went to Naheed Supermarket to buy some makeup, of course, I'm never serious when it comes to investing in skin care because I think spending on makeup is much more fun, which is bad, I know. So, there was this section right in front of the Stage line cosmetics aisle with all these Eveline products and my mom was selecting some face washes and anti aging  face creams for herself and this lady was convincing her to buy some anti aging Eveline products which my mom did and she gave me this face wash for my acne.
Long story short, this face wash dried out my pimples in the first wash. It is a white creamy cleanser with little granules in it, which do not really help with the scrubbing but they are there.It has salicylic acid in it which is the key ingredient you should look for when searching for an acne face wash. It says that it acts against active acne, which is true, it helped to dry them out, but one other thing this promises, which it doesn't really do, is acting against spots/acne scars. It didn't help to fade acne scarring. I'm happy that at least it has helped reduce the active acne. Also I'm planning on using Honey, which has antibacterial properties which help to fade acne scars.

Eveline cosmetics Washing Gel

St.Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemishes: I have been loyal to this product since forever. It has helped me through so much. St.Ives in my opinion makes the best drugstore face scrubs ever. They not only can be used as face scrubs but also as body scrubs because they do have a lot of  tiny granules in them, which can be harsh, so don't try to rub it in aggressively. I love to use this every 2 3 days. Take a very small amount in your hand and start rubbing it all over your face, massaging motion for 3-4 minutes then wash it off. It leaves my skin baby soft, I love, love it!

St.Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemishes

Physiogel Cream: This little fellow has been prescribed to me by my dermatologist. I have seriously very dry skin and 5 6 months back I had this really bad allergic reaction to a mascara. My eyelids, my under eye area became super dry and flaky, I couldn't even open my eyes , they were swollen. And after 3 days, my whole face was dry, flaky and swollen, I looked like an old lady, I could see my old version in the mirror what I'd look like when I will be 60 70 years maybe. When it happened the first time, I tried Hydrocortisone all over my face and kept ice cold towels on my face and slept. And then when it happened again the second time I knew it was time for me to go see a dermatologist, so he prescribed me a topical steroid to put around my eyes for strictly 3 days, because steroids are a complete no no and bad for your health, no steroids should be used more than 5 days, always remember. Say no to Paki face creams like Stilmans and Tibet snow.
Lets come back to Physiogel now!
Physiogel is a hypo allergic moisturizing cream which carries all three physiological lipids which are essential to hold our skin together and it revitalizes dry skin. I apply a pea size amount all over my face thrice everyday after washing my face and drying it, first in the morning, then when i come back from college and then at night before going to bed. It feels amazing on the skin. I haven't had any terrible dry skin problems ever since I have started using this.

Physiogel Cream

Spectraban sunscreen spf 40: My other dermatologist prescribed me this, she has left the city so I don't go to her anymore. She prescribed me this because I have a lot of break outs and uneven skin tone, according to her it is because university students spend so much time in the sun, that we need something that is not oily to the skin, because oily suncreens do make you break out. No jokes, I have had my experience with Neutrogena sunscreen, I hate it, seriously, they are super oily and make you look like a jungle the moment you are out of the house in this terrible Karachi weather. I haven't had any issues with Spectraban, it is transparent, has a little primer sort of consistency and it is not at all oily. My face makeup and everything looks the same even after 4 5 hours, and I know that everything is still in place so it is working, because I have seen my skin getting better, lesser break outs as compared to when I was using the Neutrogena sunscreen. Always remember, no matter what, never forget to wear your sunscreen even if you're going out of the house for only 5 10 minutes, it looks like something extra and I know a lot of people who skip this, but trust me taking care of your skin helps it in the long run, with anti aging, wrinkles, break outs and skins tone.

SpectraBAN Sunscreen spf 40

Monistat Chafing gel: I purchased this product to use this as a face primer before applying my foundation, but I have found a new amazing use out of this. I have terrible pores issue going on, on my right cheek, so what I do, whenever I use my scrub every 2 3 days, I like to apply this afterwards, it helps to prevent irritation and fills into my skin pores and has helped to soothe my skin down. I'm very impressed by this product, I will be ordering more of this!

Monistat Chafing Gel

Hope you liked this! xx

Monday, December 16, 2013

All about Highlighters and My Favorite Picks!

okay, so I went to Johnny Rockets on Saturday and it was just alright, I liked their shakes though. The prices were way too high for a burger place and we had to wait 20-25 minutes to get in. I think every new burger place in Karachi is worth a try? I should start a blog about NO, i know, thank you, lets come back to makeup now :)

Highlighters are in opinion the only makeup products which a lot of girls either don't use or don't find the exact purpose or need. They are shimmery products which you use to highlight, enhance the high points of you face, it includes your brow bone, running it along the bridge of your nose, center of your forehead, your upper lip for that pouty lips effect, center of your chin, high points of your cheek bones.
 I think, the only way to start with a highlighter is to first get your hands on a shimmery eyeshadow. Shades do matter when it comes to highlighting. Champagne , golden, pale yellow tones, pinks look best, also highlighters plus blush or bronzer duos give a great effect.
Pink highlighters are more for fair skin tones, while champagne, golden and yellow tones are great for all skin tones.

You have a lot of choice when it comes to highlighters, you can go for powder highlighters, liquid highlighters or cream highlighters.

Powder highlighters: These are the most easy to work with, but the hardest if you get them wrong. I tell you why, because when you're using a lot of powder based products on your face, like your setting powder, blush, bronzer and then highlighter, it does tend to get powdery no doubt and you need a face mist to melt everything down with your foundation. That is why you should stay away from super glittery, frosty metallic finish powder highlighters, they do tend to make your cheek pores prominent. Always go for powder highlighters which are finely milled and do not patch in one place when you apply them. I give personal preference to powders over liquids and cream highlighters. Best way to use powder highlighters, is to spray a face mist on your highlighter brush and then apply the powder highlighter with it. Gives an amazing polished highlight. :)

Mac MSF Soft and Gentle: it is the most beautiful golden champagne color, with glitter chunks in it. Best when I want a J-Lo glow by using this with my Nars Laguna Bronzer. I have fallen in love!
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: This is my recent purchase, I love it , but I don't love it to death..Can I cheat? Yes, maybe. It is a champagne highlighter, very finely milled powder, with shimmer but glowy shimmer, nothing glittery in this, great for subtle glowy looks. Best when paired with a lovely apricot-peachy blush and days when you want everything soft and beautiful.
Nars Albatross: This is one highlighter, I bought and forgot. Nars is one brand which I have love and hate relationship with. I didn't like orgasm blush, but I loved Laguna bronzer. These three products are like Cult favorites, you have to own them to prove you're a makeup lover...I have, have you? lets come back to Mr.Albatross, although I have nothing nice to say about this Sir here. it(he)is sheer, has golden sheen to it, i find it very pigmented and not flattering on my skin tone, it has cooler ivory base which does not look good on its own. I find it very hard to blend and very yellow for my color (yes, very unlikely of anyone to hear this for a Nars product) but I have tested this a lot of times, just doesn't work for me, maybe?
Etude High beam powder: my first powder highlighter, which i fell in love with immediately. It is amazingly finely milled and great quality product for the price they are offering. When you look in the pan you see just a white powder but when you look close it has silver shimmer in it which looks so beautiful. Best for days when you want everything effortless. Also, I love to use this under my eyes after I do my concealer, it works great as a brightening powder.
MUA Mosaic Powder in English Rose: Read reviews, was cheap, so I tried..? Yes, I love it. I love to use it as a highlight when i use matte blushes, it has pink, purple, blue, brown, champagne in it. when swatched it may look pink , but when blended it gives the most beautiful pearl/shimmer finish highlight shade. I do use this on its own as a blusher as well.  And again, you can't go wrong with the money you're paying. Excellent product in my opinion and some call it the powder version of Benefit High beam.
Sleek Glo highlighter in Peach Shimmer: this is a multi-colored striped highlighter, for the price, the wear time, the texture, the feel and how smoothly it blends is amazing although the only downside to this is how it can emphasize skin imperfections and give a frosted metallic finish which I'm not a fan of when it comes to highlighters. Individual shades in the pan are five, from whitish shimmer to golden with yellow undertones to a coppery shade to an orangey shimmer and a nice peachy shimmer at the end. These can also make amazing eyeshadows, no doubt!
Estee Lauder Pure color eye shadow in Tea Rose: It is a beautiful champagne shade, easy for me to carry since it an eye shadow and a highlighter both, I like to put this up on my eye lids and use it as a highlighter as well when in a hurry.

Estee Lauder eye shadow in Tea Rose, Nars Albatross, Mac MSF Soft and Gentle, TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
MUA Mosaic Powder in English Rose, Sleek Glo Highlighter in Peach Shimmer, Etude High Beam Powder

Liquid highlighters: They can be used on their own , on the high points of your face, they are very easy to blend into your skin with your fingers, which is by far the best way to use, just don't take too much of product on your finger to start with. Remember, too much application of something is bad. They can be used mixed with your liquid foundation, but always try to mix a liquid highlighter with a matte finish liquid foundation for a lovely dewy skin. If you mix a liquid highlighter with an already illuminating and glowy foundation it can end up ruining the look and make you look like a disco ball or oily and leave alone looking glowy. I love to use these by mixing with my matte liquid foundation especially during winters when your skin needs that glow you're looking for, especially if you have dry skin.

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter, Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Nars Orgasm Liquid Illuminator: My favorite and most used product mixed with my Revlon colorstay. I like to use it mixed with the foundation because it is very runny and liquid as compared to other liquid highlighters in the market , maybe this is why they call it a complex enhancer as well. I don't have much to say when I tell you I love it and if someone is looking for a liquid highlighter do check this out. The color is the same as the blush peachy pink 'bronzy' I would say.
The Body Shop Liquid illuminator: My first liquid illuminator which I got, it is pink and very similar to Benefit High Beam, I love to mix it with my foundation and then dab the mixture only on my cheeks area for a glowy affair. Very affordable and great for fair skin tones.

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter, Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Cream highlighters: These can be easiest or the hardest to use, the art of blending is all that you need. These come in pans or stick forms. You can apply them directly down the bridge of your nose and to the high points of your cheek bones and then blend it in with your fingers nicely. These are also a good option for people with dry skin who don't like to use a lot of powder products on their faces.

Elf All over color stick in Persimmon

Elf  All over stock in Persimmon: this is a pink champagne rosy color if I have to describe it accurately, very winterish feel about this color though, it is dry for a cream stick highlighter, I think, but what can you expect for $1. I would say, it is a good product for the money, the only downside is that it does tend to make your face look oily if you apply too much. It is a multi tasking product, use it an eye shadow base, as a lipstick highlight in the center of your lips for a lovely pout. You can make a lot of use out of this little fellow here.

Elf All over color stick in Persimmon

My favorite picks out of these:
Mac MSF Soft and gentle
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Nars Orgasm Liquid Illuminator

My Wishlist:
Armani Fluid Sheer Highlighter in 0 and 1
Nars Copacabana Multiple

Hope you enjoyed girlies! xx

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY : Old Favorite Mascara? No Problem

Don't you hate it when your mascara dries out before half of it is even used?
Happens to me all the time!

Here's how you can make your mascara last three times longer!

What you need?
-Your favorite old mascara
-A bottle of Contact Lens Solution

How and what to do?
-Open your mascara tube and just add 3 drops of your contact lens solution.
-Put the mascara cap back on and try to swirl the brush inside with the surrounding tube content
-Keep the tube closed for five minutes, then open and try the mascara, it will apply and feel as new. :)

Hope this was helpful! xx

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Makeup Haul!

Hello ladies! I hope everyone is doing well. It's been a really tough month for me, there is a lot going on and I really badly needed some retail therapy!

Only one of these products is a repurchase while others I have been wanting to get my hands on for ages and today I finally got them!

Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation in the shade Buff: It is a repurchase. I have tried so many foundations but I have never come across a foundation that actually makes me feel good and confident about my skin like this one does. I just keep coming back to this! This one is my all time favorite foundation, hands down!
PKR 1550

Monistat Chafing Gel: I don't know if any of you guys are a MakeupGeek fan, But I love Marlena and her youtube videos. I have been trying to get this product for almost 4 years now! Phew!
PKR 1150

Sigma F80 Brush: Best foundation brush rated by so many. I'm seriously very late on the band wagon!
PKR 2350

Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil in Nude: As much as I love my Catrice white pencil and NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk for my waterline, I wanted to get something that'd look more natural on me. And Nude color is the way to go. The moment I got to know about this pencil, I wanted it in my life.
PKR 990

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Mini Kit: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), eh? These Lip tars have been around for sometime now and are pretty well known and much talked about in the makeup blogging world. I will definitely post their review and swatches!
PKR 3550

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: Who hasn't been talking about this highlighter? This is every beauty bloggers/youtubers new favorite these days! I had to get my hands on this, come on!
PKR 2850

Nars Blush in Luster: My heart knows how much I have been wanting and lusting after this blush since last summer! Finally, i have this in my Nars blush collection!
PKR 3550

My first experience with The Beauty Broadway, and it was amazing! I loved her prices and how she'd reply and order stuff so quickly. You guys should definitely go check out her page. I will link it down below :)

Separate reviews and swatches will be up soon!
Do let me know what you think about this makeup haul!  xx

Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Beauty Favorites!

Since every beauty blogger and youtuber I know, do their beauty favorites of the month , I decided, I should too write about my most used and loved products from this month.

I have been hooked on a few mac products and I can't get enough of them this fall.

Mac MSF in Soft and Gentle: When I first got this product, from the packaging I thought it was too shimmery for my taste, but no, this product proved my hate for shimmery highlighters and blushers wrong. This is by far the best highlighter I have ever used!
 I use this more than any other highlighter in my collection. It is a powder with intense pigmentation and the color is perfect! It is the most beautiful golden champagne highlighter with golden chunks of glitter in it. It is shimmery but it doesn't make my cheek pores prominent. It gives a beautiful subtle healthy glow to the face. I love using this with almost every blush combo. For me it is one of those "Where were you all my life?" products!
I love pairing this up with my Nars Laguna Bronzer, with no blush at all. Just the highlighter and  the bronzer , gives that amazing sun kissed J-Lo glow! And eyeshadow, how can I forget how I love using this highlighter as an eyeshadow. Just this on my eyelids and two three coats of my favorite mascara and I'm good to go!

Mac Blush in Plum foolery: How can you not fall in love with this beautiful sheertone shimmer Plum color blush this fall?Definitely my favorite from my Mac blush collection. It is a beautiful warm rosy Plum color with golden shimmer, some compare it to Nars Sin, but it is lighter.

Mac lipstick in Rebel: I have no words to describe my love for this lipstick. It is bold enough for this falls dark and vampy lips trend, but not red , or fuchsia . It is a beautiful opaque, deep, fuchsia berry lipstick with a glossy finish. Its swatch is up on my favorite Fall lipsticks post.

Nars Laguna Bronzer: I have never been a fan of bronzers, but this has hooked me so bad! The only bronzer I was in love with before i got my hands on this Cult favorite was my Revlon Bronzer in Sunkissed Bronze. Nars Laguna just warms up my face and is great for contouring and gives great definition to my face. It is, however, a bronzer with gold shimmer in it, so some might not like to use this as a contour. I love to blend this in with my blush and it looks amazing. Another version of this is Nars Casino bronzer for deeper skin tones.

L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara: My all time favorite mascaras have always been Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes and Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition, but when I finished using their second tubes, I sort of got bored using the same mascaras and I wanted a change so bad. So I decided to pick this up. This one is definitely more black, loreal mascaras are always richer. It has plastic bristles, which I love, the wand is not so big so it is easier to apply mascara without smudging it on your lower lash line and can be easily used on the bottom lashes as well. It can smudge because the product is very densely pigmented, it will make your lashes wow in just two coats. Extremely lengthening and thickening mascara. It is also quite wet and dries up after you have the desired lash effect you want. It does have the tendency to give you spider lashes if you over apply this product. Three coats of this mascara and I'm the happiest girl in the world ( P.S: I love spider lashes, so I take my own time to apply and enjoy this mascara ). With the quality of this product and for its price, it deserves a shot! I loved this more than my high end Dior Show mascara, which I purchased out of curiosity to see what the hype was all about...and guess what? I couldn't have been more disappointed! Drugstore mascaras are the best, hands down <3

Where to find:
 Mac products : Mac Addict ( facebook page )
 Nars Laguna : I picked up mine from a blog sale
Loreal mascara: Easily available brand now in Pakistan
( Naheed supermarket, Aghas, Ebco, Farids )

Want to see me do a FOTD using my favorite products of the month?
it'll be up soon!

Hope you enjoyed this girlies!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIY : Mac Fix Plus Spray at Home

You don't like that powdery look on your face after you are done with setting your makeup with a setting powder ? Do you need something that will melt your powder into your foundation?  And definitely Mac fix plus spray is the solution. But why spend so much money when you can get the same results by making a spray yourself?
For me Mac fix plus is not a setting spray, it is more of a product I use when I don't like the powdery look on my face. I love using my Kryolan Professional Make-up setting spray for setting my makeup so that my makeup lasts longer and the amount of product you get with the price is just amazing.
My DIY solution for your powdery face?
Here it is! 

What is it and what you need?
Very simple :)
You just need a bottle of Rose water. You can easily get it in any grocery store. And a bottle of Glycerin.
Small bottle of Rose water as seen in the picture
3 tablespoons of Glycerin.
After adding Glycerin to the bottle shake it well.
And your Mac fix plus spray is ready!
It will give a subtle glow to your face and help "melt" the powder into your foundation.
Best way to use it, is to keep it in the refrigerator. I like to use it as a cooling spray as well and not only for melting down my powder into foundation. It is best to carry it in your bag all day and travel with it. Very refreshing for your skin.

Hope this was helpful! xx
More DIYs will be up soon!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nars Orgasm Blush and DUPES!!

All hail the Queen Orgasm ( uhh nuh, I just wanted to write orgasm, but anyway ;) ) it is, however, the queen of all blushes. There is a reason why every girl either owns this blush or wants it so bad. It is a Cult Classic, and has won so many awards. And there is also a reason why it is named Orgasm, because, "I think", they meant that women have this color glow on their faces when they orgasm? makes sense now?
Honestly, when I used to see its swatches online, I did not like them and I would always tell myself, 'why? Why, oh , why is this blush so famous?' Well, there isn't a reason to everything, you know. What may work for others, may not work for you. I took so long to decide if I want this in my life. I was never into investing ( yes, you invest in makeup , you 'makeup lovers' ;) an amazing product is worth investing in ) a lot of money on high end makeup, i would always search for reasonable, easy on the pocket dupes, but come on, you've got to spend some to get the real deal,  eh? I like to do it very often though, i want something new everyday!

What Nars website say about this blush:

Peachy pink with golden shimmer
 "Best Blush for Fair skin and Fair to Medium skin"
InStyle "Best Beauty Buys"

My experience:

this is a beautiful  peachy pink blush with lots and lots of shimmer. I'm not a fan of too much shimmer, because I like using my highlighters for that. I love the texture of this, it is very soft and easy to apply. And you don't get a a lot on the brush in one swipe, so you can build it up depending on how you like it. But, I would suggest not to use heavy hand on this one because Nars blushes are already very pigmented, plus this one has gold specks of glitter in it. And ladies, more shimmer on your cheeks mean more prominent pores. So, yes, you will have to be careful with this.

I compare this more with the Etude blush in number 20. It is very similar in texture to the Nars blush, definitely a great dupe and an amazing affordable blush brand we have in Pakistan. I also have Sleek blush in Rose Gold, but I think Rose Gold is more peachy pink with more coral than pink to it, although it is also considered to be a great dupe.
Here are some comparison pictures for you

Left to Right: Etude blush in #20, Sleek Blush in Rose Gold, Nars blush in Orgasm

Left to Right: Nars Blush in Orgasm, Sleek Blush in Rose Gold, Etude blush #20

Where to find Nars blush: I got mine from 
Sleek Blush from: Beauty Unleashed 
Etude blush: Naheed Supermarket

Hope this was helpful girlies! xx

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Body Shop All in One Face Base

Okay, so lets be honest, this is my fourth bodyshop all in one base. Yes, I love it that much.
I was searching for a good powder foundation to take with me on vacation last year and something which was easily available in Karachi. I searched this product online and read some amazing reviews and decided to give it a try.

What the Body Shop website say about this product:

A powder and foundation in one neat compact. Use dry for a light matte finish and wet for high coverage. Perfect for on-the-go touch ups.
Velvety feel
No added Fragrance
Includes sponge and mirror
Dermatologically tested

My experience:
When I first got this product, I did not like it at all.
Now, I tell you why: First, I was trying this as a setting powder. Yes, a lot of people apply this on top of their liquid foundation, it may work for some people, but, it just didn't work for me. My foundation got patchy, and the last thing you know, I had to go wash my face and reapply my base.
And then the second time when I applied it on its own, I liked it so much better, but it took time for me to blend it well with the sponge onto my face. If you're a brush person, you will have a hard time getting this product on and getting the flawless result. I prefer the sponge applicator it comes with in the packaging. It gives me the best result.
It is not a long wearing foundation, it gives me a decent four hour wear, and I'm okay with it because it is usually in my bag when I'm on the go. I like to reapply it every four hours. Also note, I have dry skin, so it may not be a good choice for oily skin because it doesn't have much wear time. I do not use it wet, but ,you can use it with a wet sponge or brush to get good coverage foundation result.

Now, how I like to wear it: I have extremely dry skin, so I always moisturize first. It is a powder foundation so it can get patchy on dry skin so make sure you use a good moisturizer.  I put my under eye concealer first and then like to put the Bodyshop All in One base all over my face using the sponge applicator it comes with.

Here is a picture of me wearing this foundation. Im in shade 03.

Whats on my lips: Mac lipstick in Impassioned.

Gives excellent matte finish
Great for touch ups and 'no-makeup' makeup days
Good for Hot weather, doesn't melt down


Expensive for a compact foundation
The compact lasts me maximum 2-3 months

Cost: Rs.2400

Where to find: Any Bodyshop outlet in Karachi. I got mine from Park Towers.
You can also find this at Naheed supermarket and Ebco.

I hope this was helpful! xx

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Favourite Fall Lipsticks!

It is that time of the year again when you keep away from wearing all your coral, pink and orange lipsticks and take all the dark, bold lip colors out. 
This fall is all about pulling off bold lip colors, even if you're still not over your orange and coral lipsticks, putting on a berry red lip color will definitely lift your mood. 

You don't have to do a lot on your eyes when you have a dark lip color on. A simple golden eye shadow and mascara is all that you need this fall. 
Another amazing trend is dark smokey eyes with nude lips ( does that even ever go out of trend? ) . 
Smokey eyes are best for fall, but if you want to do a bold lip then its a big no no, you don't want a lot going on there girl. It depends what you think is your best feature. For me, it is definitely the eyes ( it has always been that way ) but I'm all about lips this fall.

Sharing some of the lipsticks I'm wearing this fall

left to right: Mac lipstick in Up the Amp, Revlon Lipbutter in Creme Brulee, Mac lipstick in Rebel, Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Rose, Revlon Lipbutter in Raspberry Pie, the Bodyshop lipstick in #10

Mac Up the Amp: it is described on the Mac website as a "lavender violet". It has an "Amplified" finish, which makes it more opaque, creamy and shiny. I think that is a very good description-it is a purple lipstick, with a blue tone and a lavender touch to it which gives it that milkiness and makes it more wearable. It has a glossier finish to it and doesn't dry on my lips.

Revlon Lipbutter in Creme Brulee: this one is best for when you want to wear a dark smokey eye with nude lips. It is a great "nude" lip color...your lips but better.

Mac Rebel: I have been wearing this lip color everyday ever since I got it. It is a beautiful berry red color, very opaque but has a little sheerness to it.

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Rose: it is a beautiful warm peachy rose color, it is very wearable when paired with a smokey eye makeup and looks good on every skin tone.

Revlon lipbutter in Raspberry Pie: It is a medium dark raspberry pink, very buildable color. Revlon describes their lipbutters as sheer, but honestly they are very pigmented and true to their shades seen in the packing.

The Bodyshop lipstick #10: this lipstick has mauvy undertones, it looks plumy, but in reality it is more milky pink. It is very sheer and hydrating but with less pigmentation.

Without Flash
left to right: Mac lipstick in Up the Amp, Revlon Lipbutter in Creme Brulee, Mac lipstick in Rebel, Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Rose, Revlon Lipbutter in Raspberry Pie, the Bodyshop lipstick in #10

With Flash
left to right: Mac lipstick in Up the Amp, Revlon Lipbutter in Creme Brulee, Mac lipstick in Rebel, Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Rose, Revlon Lipbutter in Raspberry Pie, the Bodyshop lipstick in #10

Where to find:
Mac lipsticks : you can order online from facebook page: Mac Addict
I got my Revlon Lipbutters from 
The Bodyshop lipstick is from their outlet at Park Towers, Karachi.

Hope you girls enjoyed my review.
I'll be back again with my current favourite makeup products and a huge makeup haul!
Separate product reviews will be done from the haul! xx