Monday, June 29, 2015

Sephora Haul, Review And Swatches! xx

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything on my blog in a while. I have been crazy busy with exams and surgery wards. I only got ten days off after exams and all I've been doing is fasting , praying and sleeping.
I showed this haul picture on my instagram last month, so I decided it's important to show you guys all the swatches of the products I got. By the way, this haul was from the 20% off Sephora website offer for the VIP Rouge members.
I ordered a few things from Aisha Junaid of Mac Addict. I love her sooo much, she's the best person to order anything from.

Let's start with the haul pictures and swatches, shall we? :)

I ordered the following products:
Nars Dual Intensity Blush in Panic
Tarte Sculptor Stick for contouring in shade Park Ave Princess
Nars Audacious Lipstick in Natalie
Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating gel cream in the shade Vanilla

Nars Dual Intensity Blush comes in a usual Nars packaging material but the packaging is square in shape and more structured than the normal blush/bronzer packaging. I love Nars products, but I've never been happy with their packaging material because it catches dirt so easily and it's really hard to clean it and make it look jet black again.

I ordered this in the shade Panic because one, I love blushes and two, I hardly use highlighters anymore, I'm more of a blush person. And the colors in this were just perfect for me, I love pink and orange blushes. One side of the pan is Shocking Fuchsia, It looks really scary in the pan, but once applied it wasn't as pigmented as the Shimmering Orange Pink side. These are seriously pigmented blushes and they can also be used wet for more intensity.

Left is the Shocking Fuchsia side and Right is the Orange pink side of the blush. They are super pigmented and a little amount on the brush will go a long way. They are easy to blend and are build-able, I think using them dry is what everyone will prefer, because nobody wants too much blush going on their cheeks guys. These blushes are shimmery so they can easily emphasize the cheek pores, it is better to blend them really in with a beauty blender after applying them with a brush for flawless blush application.

Swatches on hand , Left is the Shimmery Orange pink side and Right is Shocking Fuchsia with shimmer

Tarte The Sculptor in Park Ave Princess

I saw Huda Beauty using this in one of her videos and she was raving about this product and how easy it is to use for contouring and is very build-able and easy to blend. I decided I should give this a try instead of getting the Clinique Chubby stick for contouring. It is the perfect contour shade for me, I don't like to contour much except when I'm going to shaadis, otherwise blush is all I need. This is super creamy and so easy to blend. I use my fingers to blend this on the hollows of my cheeks.
It looks great and if I want I add on a little bit of my Nars Laguna bronzer on top to set the cream stick. I highly recommend this for people who are looking for cream contour but don't want to invest in a solid big budget contour palette, and for starters in contouring like me this is a must have.

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Natalie is a beautiful medium coral pink shade. I saw its swatches on the Temptalia website and knew I had to have it in my life. Its my first Nars lipstick, I remember picking this up at the Hollywood and Highland Sephora outlet in LA and not getting it because I thought it was a bit drying, but then after searching for it online and reading reviews I decided I should give this Nars lipstick a try. I tired it for the first time this Friday, since I don't go out alot so whenever I get the chance to put makeup on I always try to use my new products. This lipstick isn't very pigmented, but it is build-able and looked so pretty once applied. I was completely wrong about this, it isn't drying at all, it is just the right amount of creamy even for my dry lips. The color pay off is amazing and it stayed on my lips for four five hours straight without moving. Love this!

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue in the shade Vanilla. I got this product because I wanted to know what the hype was all about, I've never been a fan of products with light coverage and spf, it just makes me think of every BB cream I've ever used and hated. But well, I thought maybe this product can change my opinion, and maybe it has coverage like most people have been raving about that it made their skin look amazing and its best everyday product in the market. No, I'm sorry this stuff didn't do anything, it has very little coverage, I don't know if its the shade or what, But I'm so disappointed, I tried to apply this with my hands and then also with my sigma f80, but still didn't like how it looked on my skin. It's maybe because I'm used to a little coverage and I'm not a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer fan. I like to apply my spf separately so even if this has spf 30 it is just pointless for me. Now, all I can use this for is as a base under my regular foundation.
Swatches are here:

Look, it just blended and disappeared. If you're looking for something sheer and very light coverage then its nice, but for me I prefer a little coverage so its a big thumbs down for me.

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul post, do comment and share your experiences with any of these products! xx

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Launch!

Masarrat Misbah launches Pakistan’s first Halal Certified Makeup
Masarrat Makeup available nationwide and online from the brand’s e-store

[Karachi: April 18, 2015]:  Masarrat Misbah, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and one of the pioneers of the hair and beauty industry of Pakistan with the Depilex Group which hosts Pakistan’s largest chain of salons, Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute, today announces the launch of her makeup line Masarrat Misbah Makeup - MM Makeup.

                                                      Masarrat Misbah at Depilex
MM Makeup is the first Halal Certified Makeup brand to launch in Pakistan, not using any haram animal substances or intoxicants in the entire product range.
MM Makeup has become a reality after two years of research, primarily focused on a color range best adapted for the Asian skin tone, climate and complexion, with an emphasis on textures, colors, pigments and most importantly formulations.” explains Masarrat Misbah.
When asked about why she chose to create her own line of makeup, she responded, “It’s time that the beauty of a Pakistani woman be acknowledged for what it truly is and for her to know that when she applies my makeup, it was made especially for her”

Misbah’s journey started more than three decades ago when her passion for beauty and grooming led her to establishing Depilex, which has today grown to become a beauty empire. She is the force behind the country’s leading hair and beauty brands; the Depilex Beauty Clinic, Depilex Institute, The Lounge by Depilex Men, Depilex Live, Depilex Health Center, Santé the Salon, Depilex Smile Again Foundation and most recently the Depilex College of Cosmetology, under the ever growing umbrella of the Depilex Group of Companies.
                                               Ethereal Glow Blushes swatches 

                                                   MM Makeup Glossy lipstick swatches
                                             last swatch is of their liquid lipstick in Valencia

For the unveiling of the MM Makeup E-store, Masarrat Misbah said, “With the launch of we are introducing MM Makeup across Pakistan, we are providing round-the-clock access to everyone from the convenience of their own homes – keeping in mind the ‘women of today’ for whom MM Makeup has been developed for.”
 MM Makeup Silk foundation in Porcelain, Ethereal Glow blush in Radiant Pink, Liquid lipstick in Phenomenal Red, Lip Varnish in Uptown Girl and Lip gloss in Dahlia
MM Makeup is currently available for customers in Pakistan only, for cash on delivery purchases, and will be available online for international and credit card customers, as well as at leading outlets across Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad by June 2015. 
                                       Lip swatch for liquid lipstick in Phenomenal Red
I will be reviewing all these products soon!

Do check them out at your nearest Scentsation store or at aghas super market. For online shopping visit their website! xx

Monday, April 13, 2015

Twelve New Lipsticks ( High End ) - Review and Swatches! xx

I have a lot of new lipsticks to talk about, so I decided to write about them all in one single post, that way its easier for you guys to decide on the shades you like just by comparing some side to side with other brands.
Lets start with some Mac lipsticks first then we can go on to some other high end ones I got this year.
Okay, so last year I was all about blushes and this year all of a sudden I decided I should jump into some great lip products and high end foundations. Its weird because I don't like my lips, I think they are too thin, so I don't like experimenting much with too many bright colors. I stick to my pinks, peaches and corals. And now, out of nowhere I see myself ordering red lipsticks -_- trust me I'm not a red lipstick girl at all and I have like four red lipsticks in my collection already.
Come back to some Mac lipsticks :D

                           Left to right: Mac Costa chic, Ravishing, Mac Red and Mac Angel
                   Left to Right: Mac Costa Chic, Ravishing, Mac Red and Mac Angle (Natural light)

Mac Costa Chic: It's a frost finish, but it doesn't look cheap like other frosty lipsticks. Its a shimmery Coral color, so beautiful. Its a perfect mix of orange and pink. It gives this beautiful finish which looks great with a peachy coral blush but you will need to be careful if your lips are dry and chappy. Please make sure your lips are scrubbed and moisturized before applying this. I feel all the frost finish lipsticks by mac have this problem.I really like its color pay off, you don't need to swipe it so many times to get the opaque color pay off.  I just love this color for spring!

Mac Ravishing: Its a Cremesheen finish, which means its moisturizing but for me these finishes by mac are not so good on the color pay off and longevity side. Its a beautiful peach color, no doubt, but it doesn't stay on for more than two hours on my lips. My favorite finishes are amplified and satin hands down. Get this shade if you still don't own a light peach color in your lipstick stash, its not the best of colors you'd want to have in your mac collection, but it is that everyday shade for me, for when I can't decide what to wear on my lips and I just put this on and I'm good to go :)

Mac Red: My first red lipstick. You guys must be thinking why I didn't go for Russian Red or Ruby Woo. I'll give you guys easy reasons. Russian Red was too deep for my taste, since I mentioned that I have thin lips so I'm always careful about my lipstick shades, and Ruby Woo ( I want to buy it now though) it is too drying, but a great shade. Lets say I have my eyes on ruby woo, but I'm happy with Mac Red ( It is almost the same shade as Ruby woo but in a Satin finish ) I love Satin finishes by Mac, they are super moisturizing and easy to apply. Its a beautiful pink toned red if that makes sense. I'm really bad with lipstick reviews, but hey I'm trying here :)

Mac Angel: its again a frost finish by Mac. Lets say Kim Kardashian made me do it. After reading about the secret behind her perfect nude pink lips is mac angel and nars turkish delight lip gloss, I decided I need to have both of these in my life. Its not a very good shade, I prefer Please Me as my favorite go to nude pink lip color. Angel shows a little pinky lilac on my lips, its probably my skin tone, it even looks pasty sometimes if I don't wear a lip gloss on top. This is absolutely waste of your money. Invest in Please me, now guys, really!

Left to Right: Mac Prabal Gurung LE (Carmine Rouge), YSL Rouge Volupte 13, Mac Snob, UD Revolutionary in Streak, Kiko lipstick in 902, Makeup Forever Lipstick Rouge Intense in 39
Left to Right: Mac Prabel Gurung LE (Carmine Rouge), YSL Rouge Volupt 13, Mac Snob, UD Revolutionary in Streak, Kiko lipstick in 902, MUFE Rouge Intense in 39

Mac Prabal Gurung LE ( Carmine Rouge): Its a limited edition by Mac. It is probably the most beautiful red I own. It appears matte on my lips unlike Mac Red which is glossier, and its true to its color in the tube. It appears medium red on my color, even if I swipe it once or more the color and intensity is the same. It is also a pink toned red in my opinion. I haven't worn this more than two hours, so I can't say much about its longevity, but its definitely a red which enhances your complexion and makes you look fresh.

YSL Rouge Volupte #13: Yes, I finally own Peach Passion :D I have been after this color for so long! I was so excited to find this at Sephora, because the mall I went to in Manhattan, they told me they don't stock a lot of ysl products and I was lucky to find something I wanted. Okay, so its the most beautiful peachy pink color I own. The only downfall is how creamy these lipsticks are. I'm a fan of creamy lipstick don't get me wrong, but this creamy is bad! Ysl needs to fix this issue. A lipstick should not slide from your lips to everywhere else around your mouth area. Its super pigmented, shows its true color as seen in the tube on my lips. I'm not so happy about its longevity though, since its really creamy it only lasts for two hours on my lips. It feels great on the lips, but you actually feel like you have something on, what I mean is that its application is not effortless. You'd be constantly checking yourself in the mirror for bleeds. But if you want a nice golden bullet for your dressing table then what better option than a ysl lippie :)

Mac Snob: My friend gifted me this. My first reaction was how pasty it'd look on our skin tone, and yes I was right. It does look pasty and you can look like Nicki Minaj if you don't do anything about it. Its a pretty light cool toned pink more towards lilac/purple kind of shade. The only best way to wear this is topping it off with a light pink lip gloss or mixing it up with a different light pink lipstick. I love mixing this with my Revlon lipbutter in Strawberry shortcake.Its a satin finish so its really easy to apply and the color pay off is really good, it goes on opaque completely. It reminds me of Mac Well dressed blush in a lipstick form.

Urban Decay Revolutionary lipstick in Streak: Its the prettiest light pink color lipstick I own. I got so many compliments on this lip color. Its probably my favorite lipstick purchase this year. Trust me, this year is going to be a little lipstick crazy. Its super pigmented, opaque when applied to the lips. Its so moisturising, and I love the shine it gives. Its a medium pink shade, that comes off true to its color in the tube, it doesnt lean towards other shades or tones which I love. This lipstick and a pink cream blush is all you need this summer.  I also want to grab a hot pink color in one of the UD lipsticks.

Kiko lipstick in 902: I got this randomly because there was a sale, if you buy a lipstick you get a lip liner and some makeup bags free. So I got this pretty really light pink color, it almost appears like gloss on my lips, its color pay off is really meh, but what I like to use it as is a mixing lipstick. You know when you don't want to apply a bold lip color , but you still want to wear it so you make it a little wearable by mixing it with a nude. Thats the purpose this lipstick serves in my collection, which I don't mind, we all need those kind of lipsticks. No makeup is useless, remember ;)

MUFE Rouge Intense 39: I wanted to grab somethings from MUFE, so I decided I'd get the HD foundation in a different shade and a lipstick. I'm always looking for peaches and pinks, these are the only colors I enjoy wearing. This is by far the prettiest peach lipstick I own, I mean it. Its super pigmented, opaque color pay off and its matte. Its more of an orangish peach which makes it more wearable for me because I love orange lipsticks. It goes on opaque, doesn't dry up my lips.

       Left to right: Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Jeffree and Nars satin lip pencil in Luxemburg

Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Jeffree: I have been searching for this color for so long! It is the perfect bright coral color. The moment I swatched it, I knew I wanted it in my life. These liquid lipsticks are literally so pigmented, and the staying power is so amazing. It stains yoir lips and its hard to take them off once you put it on. One swipe and you're good to go, it stays for almost 8-9 hours on me or even more if I try to wear makeup for that long. They can tend to feel weird on lips if you apply too much, but they're already so pigmented that you definitely don't need another swipe or reapplication. I need more of these!

Nars Satin lip pencil in Luxemburg: Yes, it happened with this one aswell, right after I swatched this I knew this will have a place in my vanity. It is a beautiful dark reddish tone fuschia. I'm really bad at describing colors, but as you can see in the swatch, it is not exactly a red, its more towards fuschia but red, if that makes sense. It applies so beautifully, and feels so comfortable on my lips, like I'm literally wearing nothing on my lips. I'm going to collect more of these aswell.

I'm literally hooked on the UD revolutionary lipsticks, kat von d liquid lipsticks and nars satin lip pencils. I don't know why I never tried them before.

Hope you guys enjoyed this lipstick post! Let me know if you girls have any questions in the comments below :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bags, Shoes, VS and RT- Haul! xx

I'm here with another haul post for you all! Here are all the goodies I got for myself.

Micheal Kors Selma in Navy Blue

MK wallet in Navy Blue to match with my bag, ofcourse :)

Aldo Bag for college

Aldo wallet in black

Another Aldo bag I got for myself:)

Olive Heels from Vince Camuto
Black pumps with animal print on the back is from Audrey Brooke
Navy blue pumps from Life Strider
Light beige pumps from MIA

Coach Pumps

Steve Madden Pumps

BCBG Maxazria heels :D

Ankle boots from Vince Camuto

Some random shopping from VS :)
makeup bags
water bottle
night shirts
two VS mists
iphone cases

RT brushes
Expert face brush
Stippling brush
Undereye Setting brush
Blush brush

And last but not the least my Gel nails :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!! xx

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pantene Pro-V Press Release and What I Wore :)

I have extremely dry and brittle hair and on top of that I use my straightening rod every two three days. I don't like to wash my hair daily because its a whole lot of work to straighten my frizzy hair. 
Pantene new water damage repair products came as a surprise with a wonderful invitation to its Press release, P&G sure knows how to make a package.

Pantene, one of the leading beauty shampoo brands in the world, brings for its Pakistani consumers yet another innovation in hair care treatment, with the launch of the new Pantene Pro-V, with Damage Blockers (EDDS)
At an exclusive media meet held at Cafe 44 in Karachi, it was disclosed that Pantene Pro-V shampoos have been reformulated to include Damage Blockers (EDDS), becoming its first global innovation to prevent the damage caused by copper levels in hair from tap water.
Through a global study, they were first to discover that excessive minerals in the water, namely copper, deposit on hair during washing.

 Our very own hair expert Nina Lotia and the gorgeous actress/model Aamina Sheikh are the brand ambassadors of the brand and they shared their wonderful thoughts at the occasion.

Nina Lotia said, " With continued use, copper induced oxidative stress declines, protein preservation improves, reinforcing EDDS as an effective solution to prevent damage caused by copper in water."
Aamina Sheikh said, " Now, I'm so convinced by the results, I can achieve a flowing beautiful style even if I wash my hair every day-tap water no longer stands in the way!"

What I wore :)
Zac and Rachel top
Levis Jeans
Steve Madden nudeflat pumps
Micheal Kors Selma in Navy
Rose Gold Swatch Watch
Dior pearl tribal earrings

Hope you enjoyed the post! xx

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sephora Haul! xx

Hello lovelies, I know I have been mia for a very long time now. I was busy with my clinical elective, traveling and buying all these goodies. I haven't done a haul post in awhile, so I'm really excited to share with you guys all that i got. I will be reviewing some of the products from this haul. I really miss writing posts and being active on my blog, but I will try my best to keep in touch with the blogging world as much as I can.

Here are some of the Nars products I got from Sephora:
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Ceylan
Nars Multiple in Copacabana
Nars Virtual Domination Palette
Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla (Fav concealer)
GlamGlow Hydrating Mask

More from Sephora
Two Perfumes
Dot by Marc Jacobs and Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
Travel size perfumes gift by Sephora
Mac stuff is from Mac store
Mac MSF Natural in Light Plus
Mac 217
Mac 130
Mac pigment in Vanilla

Smashbox Color Correcting Primer
Nars lip chubby stick in Luxemburg
Makeup forever lipstick in shade 32
Urban Decay Lipstick in Streak (fav lipstick at the moment) :D
Stila cream blush in Petunia (I'm loving cream blushes these days so much)
Beauty Blenders (my best purchase from sephora so far)
Got its mini versions too for highlight/contour

Kiko cosmetics products were bought from a Kiko store which I found at this Manhattan Mall in New York. I can't believe this brand has its own store now!
Kiko eyeshadow in 200
Kiko pigment in no.100
Kiko lipstick and lip pencil was a gift along with two pink makeup bags which are not shown in the picture.
Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Jeffree
YSL lipstick in Peach Passion (Finally this baby is mine after a year of struggle of finding its dupe )
ABH clear brow gel
Benefit Brow gel in medium/dark

Mac products are from Mac store ofcourse :)
Mac MSF in Natural Light Plus
ABH brow kit in Dark Chocolate
Makeup Forever HD foundation in 123 ( it is lighter than 120 girls, if you're nc20-25 go for 123 rather than the darker 120, I swatched both and the makeup artist at sephora asked me to get this, it is my perfect shade, and my previous 117 is lighter on me now because of all the tan from my trip)
Benefit They're Real Push up liner (because I wanted to see what the hype was all about, and I absolutely love Benefit products especially They're Real mascara is my favorite)
Urban Decay All nighter spray
And last but not the least my Sephora gift for the 500 points :) It has a Sephora CC cream, Eyemakeup remover, Sephora lipstain and one other stuff which I'm forgetting right now.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'm sorry for the bad picture quality, but this is all I could take while I was traveling.
Thank you so much for stopping by! xx